Why Is Biden Still Keeping More Secret Migrant Flights Off the #BidenBorderCrisis Books? 

Biden White House has resumed transporting illegal migrants with after-dark, secret charter airline flights & bus trips

By Miranda Devine

Another suspected migrant flight landed in White Plains, New York late Tuesday night, the fifth such flight in the past six days. The iAero Airlines flight WQ491 from El Paso, Texas – via Jacksonville, Florida – landed at 10:33 p.m. The same iAero plane also shuttled back and forth between El Paso and New York over the Easter weekend.
  • Saturday it landed at 11:33 p.m.
  • Monday it landed at 10:17 p.m.
If it were not for The New York Post, the public would not be aware of any of the Biden administration’s charter flights, which are fanning out every night, all over the country, delivering illegal migrants from the southern border to oblivious communities.

After a lull late last year, in recent weeks “the charters are back with a fury,” says a whistleblower from Avelo Airlines, one of three charter companies raking in millions of taxpayer dollars whisking migrants out of sight. Staffers there are disturbed by the secrecy of the operation, and the prospect that they are participating in a human-trafficking operation, the whistleblower says.
“The charters are not on our paperwork, not on the [air-traffic] breakdown, not on the schedule, not on the flight plan. They’re not listed anywhere.”

The journey for illegal migrants through Mexico to the U.S. Border is facilitated by people-smuggling cartels, but these flights into the interior of the country – provided by the Biden Administration – are simply the last leg of that human-trafficking operation.
In the absence of transparency from President Biden and his administration, the patterns that can be discerned from the flight data paint a devastating picture of official deception – and harm to the American people.

More than 2.5 million illegal migrants have crossed into the U.S. since Joe Biden took office – among them were 42 people on the terror watchlist, according to U.S. Customs & Border Patrol (CBP.)

Air-Employee Fears

Avelo employees have begun openly to discuss concerns that they may be participating in human trafficking, says the whistleblower, especially with so many ­unaccompanied minors on flights.
“We’re trafficking children,” the whistleblower says. “I am not OK with that happening . . .

“The company is saying it’s not true, but people don’t believe that. And, everyone wants to leave. People stay for three months and leave.”

Ironically, on Wednesday, Avelo staffers were ordered to watch a mandatory FAA training video on human trafficking, the second such video since December.

She says both videos instructed staff to be aware of warning signs such as “if a kid doesn’t seem settled with the person they’re with or they don’t know their birthday or who their parents are. We have to ask or see and report anything suspicious. But when with charters, we don’t see who’s coming or going.”
Avelo’s planes are based in Hollywood Burbank Airport in California, yet are shuttling back and forth from El Paso, Texas, to East Coast airports, usually via Florida.

Why are West Coast planes flying to the East Coast? Something’s wrong,” the whistleblower said.

For an ultra-low-cost airline with only six planes, she says it has 80 pilots on its books – with salaries of $200,000 plus $20,000 bonuses. She claims the charters are worth $21,000 an hour up to a cap of $60,000, although her information is unconfirmed as yet.

Three Avelo planes were out of service Tuesday in Burbank with mechanical problems, she said, and passengers on Avelo’s standard flights were being bumped. But charters went ahead. An e-mail to Avelo Chief Operating Officer Greg Baden Tuesday afternoon went unanswered before publication.

The migrant planes should start arriving more frequently, with numbers streaming across the southern border expected to quadruple next month when the last remaining border restriction – Title 42, the pandemic-related health and national security measure that allows migrants to be expelled on public-health grounds – is nixed.

The Post has monitored almost a dozen migrant flights into White Plains, New York and Jacksonville, Florida watching the planes land in the dead of night, photographing migrants boarding charter buses, and then attempting to follow the buses to their destinations.
  One bus last Thursday was followed by Post photographer Christopher Sadowski 130 miles south to the Walt Whitman Service Area in Cherry Hill, NJ, just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, arriving at around 12:45 a.m. on Good Friday.

There it disgorged teenagers who were picked up by adults waiting to meet them, before the bus traveled to destinations unknown.
The long journey by road begs the question: Why didn’t the Biden White House just fly the migrants to Philadelphia instead of wasting money busing them down from White Plains?

Demand Answers!

The White House, U.S. Customs & Border Protection, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Health & Human Services – which operates the flights for unaccompanied minors – have repeatedly refused to answer Post inquiries.

When Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas appears before Congress next week, Republicans should demand answers, instead of his usual evasions.

But one private citizen, an avid plane spotter, has decided to take matters into his own hands, compiling a national database of suspected migrant flights over the past six months, which he published this week on Substack under the pseudonym ­“SocraticPatriot.”
“Based on the information I uncovered, there's a systematic plan in place to move hundreds of thousands – if not millions of migrants, often under the cover of darkness – to multiple states throughout the country,” says the data cruncher, who asked to remain anonymous.

More than 2.5 million illegal migrants have crossed into the U.S. since Joe Biden took office. Among them were 42 people on the terror watchlist, according to U.S. Customs & Border Patrol officials. Yet when White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked about these suspected terrorists, she blew off the question, saying it was a tiny proportion of total illegal crossers.

On Wednesday, April 20th, she told reporters the immigration system is “broken.”

Yes, it is broken – and it was Joe Biden who broke it.

Miranda Devine is a New York Post Columnist and Fox News Contributor. She also works for the Australian media as a Daily Telegraph Columnist and a Sky News Contributor.