The Dallas Ambush & Obamas Police Rhetoric

Police perceive President Obama as a leader who spews Anti-Cop Rhetoric stinchfieldBy Grant Stinchfield Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN Texas  Less than 10 hours after the deadliest attack on Law Enforcement since 9/11 President Barack Obama choose to blame guns instead of Black Lives Matter extremists for the deadly attacks against Dallas Police. And he actively pushes the false narrative that police are racist and violent.    Our President has become the most powerful mouth piece for the Black Lives Matter movement. When our President consistently attacks police on national television he sends a motivational message to evil doers. Just yesterday hours before the attack in Dallas the President proclaimed we should all be concerned" about the recent police involved shootings. He made this inflammatory statement before any facts are revealed or investigations concluded. His words Dallasare powerful and now 5 officers are dead. Today one Dallas police officer told me that many of his fellow officers perceive the President as a leader who spews anti-cop rhetoric in an effort to incite hatred towards the police. Thats clearly not what we need from our President. Instead our nation needs a leader with a steady hand and a calming voice. At best Barack Obama is irresponsible at worst he knowingly promotes the violence against police all be it through his subtle yet chilling words. He once told Black Entertainment Television police have a subconscious fear of people who look different." Thats nothing short of lunacy. I know dozens of Dallas Police officers. None of them like President Barack Obama. The officers I spoke with today are disgusted with the President for politicizing the sniper attack by pushing gun control and not focusing enough on the victims and the victims families. Barack Obama did call the attacks vicious and despicable but he also went on to blame powerful weapons." The President said

We also know when people are armed with powerful weapons unfortunately it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic."

Obama-LorettaLynch3dHe went on to say In the days ahead we will have to consider those realities as well."

If the President wants the respect of the brave men and women who ran towards the gunfire last night:
  • He needs to leave Poland and come home.
  • He needs to speak about the overwhelming majority of police officers committed to keeping their communities safe.
  • He needs to have empathy for the men and women in blue who go to work every day under siege.
  • He needs to remind America that these officers who knowingly put themselves in the line of fire last night did it to protect Black Lives Matter protestors  a group that proclaims to hate cops.
But that didnt matter to the Dallas Police officers who saved so many civilian lives yesterday. They did their job willingly and 5 of them lost their lives because of it. The president needs to do a better job of acknowledging the reality that what happened last night in Dallas isnt about dangerous guns its about dangerous people filled with hate. But more importantly its about brave officers who are willing to give up their lives for the people who despise them for no good reason. I have covered many police departments during my 25 years in media. The Dallas Police Department ranks at the top of the list. Its officers understand the only way to protect a community is to partner with the community. Crime continues to decline in Dallas while Dallasother cities watch it rise. In 13 years I have never seen anyone riot here. Thats a tribute to the way Dallas officers handle protestors. They do it with respect and restraint until the moment force is needed. Barack Obama never mentioned these qualities of the Dallas Police Department. Instead he left Dallas officers flabbergasted when he talked about race and the justice system at a time when officers are hurting:
Let me just say even as yesterday I spoke about our need to be concerned as all Americans about racial discrimination in our criminal justice system. I also said yesterday our police have an extraordinarily difficult job and the vast majority do their job in outstanding fashion."
The few kind words the president does offer up about officers only comes after a tragedy like the one in Dallas typically when officers lose their lives. We as a nation need to praise officers for a job well done. We need to thank them for risking their lives to keep us safe. stinchfieldIf only the President would take the lead  and promote respect for police not anger towards them. Grant Stinchfield is a Radio Talk Show Host an Investigative Watch Dog and a small business owner entrepreneur. You can listen to The Stinchfield Report Monday through Friday from 5-8PM on 570 KLIF.
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