2022 & '24 Aren't Looking Good for Biden: Here's the Democrat's D.C. Scenario

Biden Is A Mid-Term Patsy – and 2024's looking dim for him.

By David Kamioner

Regardless of what Joe Biden tells his old boss – disgraced 44th president Barack Obama – the chances of him winning the 2024 Democrat Nomination for president are not looking good for him. Notwithstanding his complete insanity, there's not a Democrat I talk to, and there are a bunch of them of ideologically semi-diverse views, that thinks he gets the 2024 nod.

They acknowledge he will sink them in ’22, will be assigned the blame, and shoved aside for ’24 to be replaced by a female, preferably the veep or Michelle Obama.

At least, that’s their view. If they go that route – especially if it’s Harris vs DeSantis – Democrats will be committing political seppuku. (DEFINITION: a form of Ceremonial Suicide committed by ripping open one's abdomen with a dagger or knife: formerly practiced in Japan by members of the warrior class.)
As for his status in the mid-terms, he is variously described as an “albatross” and a “lead weight.” But the term I heard over and over again was “patsy.”

Someone has to take the blame for the drubbing, and its going to be Joe.

Here is the current Democrat scenario. Try to contain your schadenfreude. 
(DEFINITION: pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.)
  • Things get worse and worse on the economy
  • Biden has more and more noticeable examples of not being all there
  • As a result, Democrats lose both chambers of Congress
    • Republicans win more than 50 in the House
    • and capture the Senate by about two-to-four seats
  • As it’s already started to do, the press steps up its criticisms of Biden
The White House’s only message going into ’24 is that it’s starting to get a little better economically, and Joe Biden restored “honesty and dignity” to the presidency.

I know, it’s laughable. Kinda of a warmed over Jerry Ford message from 1976.

But that’s not enough for Democrat pros who look around for alternatives. Democrats don’t have a strong bench.

So they rely on known names.

One person comes out of the woodwork and challenges Biden from the hard Left. A younger version of Sanders.

The challenger makes a good showing in Iowa, and then just over 40% in New Hampshire. Now Democrats of all sorts want Biden to pull out like LBJ in 1968.

But Biden won’t pull out – as the senile can be very stubborn. Jill and Ron Klain don’t want to give up executive power, so they set him against leaving the race.

But then Joe gets a visit from Democrat Party Elders, and they tell him support is evaporating. A redo of the visit to Nixon in 1974 just before resignation.
  • Deals are cut that give the Biden people golden power and cash parachutes.
  • Joe is convinced to leave or drugged to agree.
  • Either way, he pulls out of the race.
Harris gets right in. So do two or three others – but nobody can decisively capture momentum. Then the superdelegates start a drive for Michelle Obama.

The race goes down to the wire at a contested convention.

Interesting stuff. But the most interesting part is that Biden not being the next nominee is taken as a given by many Democrats.

So is losing big later this year – and blaming him for the whole thing.

David Kamioner is a veteran of U.S. Army Intelligence who served with the Pershing Nuclear Brigade and the First Infantry Division. A political consultant for two decades, he now serves as a Contributing Editor for LifeZette.