53% Approve of President Trump’s CoronaVirus Response, Fueled by Democrat's & Independent's Increases

Voters warm to Trump’s handling of CoronaVirus, as Approval Rating jumps 10% in less than a week

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Texas Insider Report) — A new poll conducted March 17-20 shows a majority of voters now approve of President Donald Trump's handling of the CoronaVirus pandemic. The Morning Consult Poll conducted Tuesday through Friday found that 53% of voters approve of Trump’s handling of the spread of coronavirus, compared with 39% who disapprove.

As the effects of the government's actions to fight the spead of the virus begins to impact the economy, Americans are understandably growing more and more concerned. White House advisers say they have been focusing the president's efforts on the government's response to the crisis, as opposed to the opposition being displayed by Senate Democrats & House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week.

And as the American people see serious action from the president to address their concerns, advisors hope it's beginning to pay dividends and that they'll be able to look back at this week as the turning point in the crisis.

Perceptions of President Donald Trump’s handling of the U.S. response to the CoronaVirus pandemic jumped this week as his administration, Congress, and State & Local Officials are taking dramatic steps to contain the contagion from spreading across the nation. 

Taken together, the latest readings mark an increase of 10% in approval of the president's coronavirus response since polling conducted March 13-16.

The uptick was driven largely by:
  • An 8% increase in approval among Independents – from 43% to 51%
  • An 8% increase in approval among Democrats – from 18% to 26%
  • While GOP voter's positive sentiments rose from 83% to 87%
President Trump and his administration began crafting a $1 trillion measure to stimulate the economy as bars and restaurants have shut down in several cities, and major businesses in industries as varied as travel and candy have sounded the alarm about hits to their bottom line. 

Compared to polls conducted earlier this week, voters are 19% more likely to say they’re “very concerned” about their local economy (63% to 44%), and 16 % more likely to say the same about the U.S. economy by 71% to 55%.

All of this has increased voters’ fears about the spread of the virus:
  • 62% say they were “very concerned,” up 16% from the previous poll
  • 55% said CoronaVirus is “a severe health risk” in the United States, up 15%from March 13-16
More and more, Trump has referred to coronavirus as the “Chinese Virus,” and 33% say they do blame Beijing for its spread.