LEWIS: A Summary of the Left’s Belief System – and Why

They haven’t hit bottom yet – There is no “bottom” to the Left
By Mark Lewis
Beliefs aren’t just something in a person’s mind.  They lead to actions, and actions have consequences.  Everyone acts upon what they believe – not on what they don’t believe.

To comprehend what the Left (the Democrat Party) is doing today, we must understand their belief system.

It is a systematic structure, not just a few kooky political ideas or moral depravities.  The Left has an entire world view, and it's had repercussions wherever it has been applied.

Your average Democrat Party voter doesn’t understand it, and probably would disagree with much of it.  But this is what Leftists believe, and these beliefs are having and will have consequences in America the deeper they take root.  Bill Gates and Barack Obama know EXACTLY what they are doing and why.

Let me briefly summarize the major Leftist tenets.
1. They hate God and Christianity

It all starts right here.  I’ve noted this hatred many, many times before, but this weekend, Joe Biden gave absolute proof of it by his exaltation of “Transgender Day of Visibility” on the holiest Christian day.  This is an absolute insult to Christians, an utterly hateful, evil act.  It proves my point, conclusively.  Thank you, Mr. Biden.

Actually, atheism is the cornerstone of Leftism; as Marx said, “Communism begins where atheism begins.”  I’ll write more about this soon, and where it came from historically, but most Leftist leaders don’t believe in God, so man must “save himself.”

Can normal humans, of average intelligence, seeking individual freedom, ever accomplish the earthly utopia that Marxists crave?  To Leftists, no.  Freedom is chaotic and thus humanity needs guidance.  They do, from God (Jeremiah 10:23).  But that’s not Leftist dogma.

2.  Since there is no God, then only man can direct earthly affairs.

The only limitations to right and wrong arethus the ones man establishes.  But which man?

In China, it was Mao Zedong (now Xi Jinping), and Mao’s “standard” was to murder anyone whom he believed threatened his “revolution.”  Humans will never agree upon a universal, human-devised moral code because what makes one person’s standard better than another’s?  Why should I believe you?  But a human-established norm, ever-changing, is exactly what Leftists believe in.  And since their “human standard” is no better than any other “human standard,” it can only be forced upon people. For the good of all, naturally.  Those who balk are to be silenced, by any means necessary. Submit, or suffer the consequences.

But, who are the decision-makers?

3.  Believing in Darwin, Leftists do not believe in human equality; they believe that some humans have “evolved” to a superior, higher status than others.

Hence, their racism.  Just like some dog breeds are smarter than others, so some humans are also intellectually advanced.  Leftists cannot admit this openly, of course, because it’s Nazism, Adolf Hitler’s creed.

But look at their actions, not their words.  While Hitler believed the “Aryan” race was superior, modern Leftists are more subtle.  Gates, Obama, Trudeau, etc. are “smarter” than you, superior to you, and thereforeshould rule. Thus, an “intellectual” evolution, not Hitlerian racial evolution, is their credo.

They know best how to guide and conduct mankind’s affairs.  They should reign and anyone who opposes them becomes the “enemy.”

4.  The greatest enemies are God and anyone who believes in him; because such a person’s allegiance will be to something higher than the man-established (Leftist) intellectual standard.

Religion must thus be destroyed, either through ridicule or violent obliteration.  At best, it must be rigorously controlled by the ruling class (state), as in China.

The second greatest enemy is the family. because parents might wish to teach their children things (like religion) contrary to the elite-approved ideals.  Therefore, the family must also be either destroyed or watered down into ineffectiveness, and the state must control children’s education.  Hence, we see the current Leftist advocacy ofextra-marital sex, homosexuality, transgenderism, abortion, same-sex marriage, “coming for your children”—anything contrary to traditional, religious-based family values.  Even Confucius said, “The foundation of society is a disciplined individual in a disciplined family,” but the CCP permits it only as long as they control it. 

People are ALLOWED to have a (nuclear) family, and even believe in God, IF they are willing to subordinate both to the all-powerful state. 

Everything—EVERYTHING—must be subordinate to the Left.

5.  Government, under Leftism, is the tool to lead to a glorious future for all.

Since most people won’t voluntarily give up their freedom of choice and actions for some improbable future fantasy, totalitarian elites must compelthem to do so.  Government becomes the means to usher in the earthly Shangri-la, with Leftist intellectuals ruling.  Anyone who will not submit is deceiving others and delaying the arrival of Utopia.

For mankind’s good, any rebellious, intellectually-inferior “common people” must besilenced — either through censorship, threats, imprisonment, or, if necessary, death.  Since the Left doesn’t believe in the sanctity of human life, mass murder is inconsequential to them.  Kill today to bring in the Utopia of tomorrow.  Once the population is sufficiently cowed (as in modern China), most mass killings can cease.

The Democrat Party is trying to smother its opposition today via censorship, etc., but, being a Leftist organization, if it ever gets Maoist/CCP type power in America, it will doubtless do Maoist/CCP type things, as it deems necessary.  If not, why not?

It’s been that way in every Leftist hellhole in history.

Socialism, with its government economic control, is the Left’s economic system.  Capitalism, with its freedom anduncontrollable markets, is rejected.  Since the Left has no absolute morality except what will lead them to power, anything goes — lying, stealing, murder — it’s all in their history.  Thus, climate change, Covid vaccines, transgenderism, stealing elections — nothing is forbidden if it leads to dominance.

Books have been written about Leftist philosophy.  I’ve given a small summary.  

Be prepared.  They haven’t hit bottom yet.  There is no “bottom” to the Left. 

Mark Lewis is a native Texan currently living in Thailand. He has Master's degree in history, and has taught history and English in America, South Korea & China.