WILLIAMS: Let's Address the Top Concerns & Important Issues Facing Our Nation

Introduced the Safer Schools Act of 2023 

Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON, D.C. No child or teacher should ever feel unsafe in the classroom, and funding should not be an obstacle for administrators who want to proactively address their physical security concerns. I was proud to introduce H.R. 3618, the Safer Schools Act which allows public school districts to apply for grants directly from the Department of Justice to help with assessments for their campus security vulnerabilities and for any corrective physical improvements. Read the full release here.

Holding China Accountable

The interference and aggression coming from the Chinese Communist Party poses a significant threat to our families, businesses, and country. My bill, H.R. 1156, the China Financial Threat Mitigation Act passed in the House and has been sent to the Senate for a vote. This legislation will allow the U.S. to be better protected from Chinese aggression and hold the CCP accountable.
  • Watch my floor speech and read the full release here.
Secure the Border Act Passes in the House

Joe Biden’s open border has failed America and Texans are shouldering the burden. In just two years, the Biden border crisis has spun out of control, encouraging over 5 million illegal crossings at our southern border, devastating local communities and state resources.

House Republicans have stepped up and passed legislation to fix Biden’s broken border policies.

I am proud to have voted in favor of of H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act which will restart construction of the border wall, increase hiring of border patrol agents, protect children from human trafficking, and end dangerous catch and release.

The alarms are going off, but Biden is asleep.

It’s past time he wake up and stand up for America.

Memorial Day Service

This year, I had the privilege of honoring our fallen soldiers and presenting a flag at the 94th Annual Fort Worth Memorial Day Service.

On behalf of Texans and a grateful Nation, our thanks will never be enough for your service and sacrifice.

Congressman Roger Williams represents the 25th Congressional District of Texas, located outside of the City of Ft. Worth. He currently serves as Chairman of the House Small Business Committee.

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