Americans Should Be Much More Concerned About the Homeless Than About Children Held in Overcrowded Detention Facilities

There are more than 550000 homeless in the U.S. but because they are mostly in cities controlled by Democrats a hysterical media ignores their plight choosing instead to join Democrats in faulting President Trump for the alleged mistreatment of migrant children

By Howie Katz


AUSTIN Texas (Texas Insider Report) According to a December 2018 article in Forbes the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development found that the United State had just under 553000 people who are homeless with approximately 65 staying in sheltered accommodation.

Half of all people experiencing homelessness are in one of five states:

  • California - 129972 people
  • New York - 91897
  • Florida - 31030
  • Texas - 25310 and
  • Washington - 22304

Nearly a quarter of all people sleeping on the streets or in abandoned buildings did so in either New York or Los Angeles.

  • The Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) releases an Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress (AHAR) to provide Point-in-Time (PIT) estimates offering a snapshot of homelessness both sheltered and unsheltered on a single night.
  • The one-night counts are conducted during the last 10 days of January each year.

New York led the top 10 U.S. cities with 78676 homeless people followed by Los Angeles city and county with 49955 and Seattle/King County with 12 112. San Francisco came in 7th with 6857.

After New York Los Angeles and Seattle the other cities in the Top 10 were:

  1. San Diego
  2. San Jose/Santa Clara California
  3. District of Columbia
  4. Phoenix
  5. Mesa/Maricopa County Arizona
  6. Boston and
  7. Las Vegas

Surprisingly Chicago and Houston did not make the cut while opulent Las Vegas did. In Chicago its maybe because the streets are not safe with the southside gangbangers shooting up the place.

In 2018 there were 25310 homeless people in Texas

According to the Coalition for the Homeless Harris County had 1528 homeless living unsheltered and 2271 in temporary shelters.

Quite a number of the homeless in San Francisco and Los Angeles hold down a steady job but cannot afford the high cost of housing. For instance many people who work in Los Angeles have bought homes in Temecula and other nearby Riverside County communities because the cost of housing there is much lower than in L.A. In L.A. the situation has gotten so bad that business and home owners have barricaded the sidewalks with obstacles of one kind or another to keep the homeless from setting up camps. One business owner has set up some makeshift planter boxes containing prickly plants to keep the homeless from camping and shitting in front of his business.

Homelessness rose 16 in L.A. over the past year to more than 36000 people according to a June report by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. Across L.A. County including the city the count increased 12 to nearly 59000 people. L.A. Police Chief Michel Moore says

width=358This is the humanitarian crisis of our generation.

This matches any other calamity that this city or this region or this country has seen.

It is I believe a social emergency."

Chief Moore is correct. Yet the Democrat-loving Trump-hating media wants Americans to believe that the humanitarian crisis of our generation is the inhumane detention of illegal immigrants rather than homelessness and that Trump is to blame for it.

If the truth were told the plight of the detainees is not the fault of the Border Patrol or the Trump administration… it is the fault of the illegals themselves. Enticed by activists in Mexico encouraged by far-left politicians and demonstrators in our country who favor open-borders and hoping to reach a sanctuary city the illegals have been sneaking across our border in overwhelming numbers. And once theyve set foot in this country the Border Patrol cant just dump them back across the border. The law requires they must go through legal proceedings before they can be deported.

The detention centers are badly overcrowded because the immigration courts are overwhelmed by the massive number of illegals and because in many cases civil rights attorneys employ their usual delaying tactics.

For the homeless the streets of America are not paved with gold. Rather its more like the streets and sidewalks are paved with shit. The homeless defecate on the streets on sidewalks in parks and on private premises.

In San Francisco people used to complain about homosexuals engaging openly in sexual acts in the citys public parks. Now people there complain about the homeless shitting on the grounds of their once beautiful parks.


Daily week on end the Trump-hating media has bombarded the public with hysterical reports of children being mistreated in illegal immigrant facilities. Because the camps are badly overcrowded there is a shortage of toilets and bathing facilities. Vice President Pence recently visited an adult detention center in McAllen Texas and became conscious of a strong BO stench. AOC compared the centers to concentration camps and reported that a detainee told her they had to drink out of toilets something you can bet your life on as being untrue.

But because the homeless are mostly in cities like San Francisco L.A. and New York that are controlled by the Democrats the media all but ignores their plight.

About the only time the media reports on the homeless is during times they will be facing freezing weather.

As bad as the conditions are at the detention centers and they are bad there is running water and the detainees are being fed more than just baloney sandwiches as some media reports had it.

On the other hand the homeless have no running water and many of them would be most grateful if someone gave them a baloney sandwich.

Since we are experiencing good economic times the media cannot blame Trump for the plight of the homeless. The homeless problem is largely a Democrat problem. So the media tries to pick President Trump apart by focusing on the plight of illegal immigrants and blaming that on him.

There can be no doubt that we should be concerned about the bad conditions under which the migrants are being held. While there are surely some illegal immigrants among the homeless the overwhelming majority are American citizens.

But  if truth be told and if the mainstream media had any sense Americas homeless who live on the street or in abandoned buildings and in temporary shelters should concern Americans much more than the plight of children held in overcrowded illegal immigrant detention facilities.


Howie Katz is a former Law Enforcement Officer and retired Criminal Justice professor who writes for The Big Jolly Times. He founded the Texas Narcotic Officers Association in 1969. He currently resides in Houston Texas. You can see more of his writing at BarkGrowlBite or at The Unconventional Gazette.

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