As Democrats Seek to Abolish ICE 70 of Americans Favor ICE as Law Enforcement Agency says Chairman McCaul

Less than a year ago Democrats were all in favor of ICE & voted to authorize it. This is complete hypocrisy and its pure politics." Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON D.C. 70 of the American people favor ICE as a Law Enforcement Agency because it stops bad things & bad people from coming into our country otherwise its just lawlessness. I think is a very dangerous & reckless to abolish an agency that was created after 9/11 to protect Americans from dangerous people… Criminals Drug Dealers MS-13 Gang members potential Terrorists Cong. Michael McCaul Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee told Fox News Sandra Smith earlier this morning. width=385My bill to Authorize ICE into law for the first time  passed overwhelmingly last year with nearly every Democrat voting for it including Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat author if the bill that now wants to abolish ICE. Less than a year ago they were all in favor of ICE and voted to authorize it into law. This is complete hypocrisy and its pure politics" said McCaul.

The Secretary (of Homeland Security) told me that they stop about 10 known or suspected terrorists a day on average and its just a political move on their part. 

So were going to put this bill to support ICE (the Immigration & Customs Enforcement Agency) on the House Floor today and well see who supports ICE and who doesnt" said McCaul while pointing out that House Democrats appeared to be divided over calls by some in their party to abolish ICE.

And I think is going to blow up on the Democrats because the majority of the American people arent with them on this one McCaul said.

 width=151I think thats a radical & dumb idea thats being rejected by a majority of Americans. People can disagree about immigration policy but I think we need to have Immigration Laws and they have to be enforced. ICE does a lot more than just immigration enforcement but they are Law Enforcers" said Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.
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