As House Dems Role Out Mueller Investigation Week Barrs Rule of Law Round 2 Begins

Democrats Need to Understand: If they think they can pursue impeachment votersll ask why theyre doing it

By Peter J. Ferrara

President Donald Trump bears no responsibility to prove he is innocent of any crime. He can be impeached only for high crimes and misdemeanors which must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. So Mr. Muellers Round 1 is now done.

The short answer as to why Robert Mueller is now done is that in criminal cases under American Law the government bears the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

width=317Prosecutors have the responsibility only to prosecute.

If they cant do that their role is over.

Their role is not to exonerate the object of their investigation as Mr. Mueller should know.

All Mr. Mueller has proven was that he was indeed conducting a partisan witch hunt as even Alan Dershowitz Democratic Harvard Law professor and civil liberties advocate concluded and Mr. Trump has long claimed.

Which is why Mr. Mueller himself has said he has no interest in testifying before Congress. He quickly closed up shop retiring to private life.

Democrats need to understand that if they think they can pursue Mr. Trumps impeachment voters will ask them why they are doing it.

They have no answer acceptable to a vast majority of American voters.

Democrats need to understand that their emotion is clouding their judgment again just like it did in 1972 and 1984 only this time they need to understand that American voters will not accept a major political party that refuses to respect the results of democratic elections and the will of the people when that will doesnt follow them.

What Republican president have Democrats ever accepted as legitimate? Not Lincoln who they violently revolted against. Republicans had to burn the Democratic South to quell them.

In more modern times not Richard Nixon not Ronald Reagan not George W. Bush and now not Donald Trump. Democrats dont understand this yet. But American voters will not accept a major political party that will not participate in the peaceful transfer of power.

That is why in 2020 Democrats face an existential threat from the vast majority of American voters a New Deal-size landside defeat that will leave them in the political wilderness for a generation. Or two. Like after the Civil War.


That threat will grow more clear as the new sheriff in town Attorney General William Barr begins his own investigation in Round 2 as to what just happened. Did Americas intelligence agencies under President Obama attempt their own unprecedented coup against President Trump even before Mr. Trump was elected?

Unlike Mr. Muellers charade Mr. Barr will conduct that investigation to apply the Rule of Law." That Rule of Law will be applied to:

  • The conduct of Mr. Obamas Intelligence Agencies
  • To the Clintons
  • To Mr. Obamas former Attorney General Loretta Lynch & her deputy
  • Mr. Obamas former FBI Director James Comey & his deputy
  • Mr. Obamas former National Security Adviser Susan Rice and
  • Mr. Obamas former U.N. Ambassador Samantha Powers

I am not breaking any news here. This is all based on analysis of public reports.

Before the next election Mr. Barr is effectively going to conduct a National Tutorial on the true meaning of obstruction of justice.

Pay attention Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff. The voters will.

At least the last time the Democrats started a Civil War they openly fired on Fort Sumter. They didnt skunk around playing big shot intelligence analysts on CNN.


Peter Ferrara a fellow at the Kings College in New York is a Senior Policy Adviser to the National Tax Limitation Foundation. He was Associate Deputy Attorney General of the United States under Attorney General Bill Barr and President George H.W. Bush.

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