Babin on $32 Million in Cedar Bayou Channel Improvement Project Funding

“The benefits that will stem from this venture will greatly enhance the community as well as local businesses. . . "

Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Congressman Brian Babin (TX-36) released the following statement after the announcement by the Trump Administration that the Cedar Bayou Navigation District’s Channel Improvement Project has been allocated $32.125 million in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Fiscal Year 2020 Work Plan. These funds will be used to complete the dredging of Cedar Bayou in order to aid in flood mitigation and enhance the mobility of commerce along the federal channel.

“The Cedar Bayou Navigation District has long been a critical channel serving the epicenter of America’s energy industry, and I am thrilled that they’re receiving $32 million to finally complete their vital project,” said Babin. “The benefits that will stem from this venture will greatly enhance the community as well as local businesses, even going as far as impacting America’s economy. I have been working with various counterparts to fund this project for many years now, and today, we finally secured that funding.”

Covestro also voiced their support for the Cedar Bayou Navigation District:

“The Cedar Bayou plays an important role in our supply chain, serving as a strategic passage between our largest North American production site and the Houston Ship Channel. The Bayou dredging project enables us to maximize our barge capacity, increasing our shipping efficiency and reducing overall barge traffic,” said Demetri Zervoudis, senior VP and site manager, Covestro Industrial Park Baytown.
“We are grateful for the leadership Congressman Babin has shown in supporting and promoting the Army Corps of Engineers project, and we recognize the value this brings to the community.”
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