BAUER: As Nashville Horror Unfolds, Faith, Family & Patriotism in Rapid Decline says Wall Street Journal Poll

Radical transgender activists & Antifa are calling for a “Trans Day of Vengeance” this weekend. 

By Gary Bauer

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Texas Insider Report) — Yesterday, news broke of a horrific shooting in Nashville, Tennessee. Initial reports told us little more than a Christian Elementary School had been attacked and that there were multiple victims. As the day went on, however, we learned more. We learned that the victims were three nine year-olds and three adult staff members. 

We learned that the shooter had considered other targets, but deliberately chose this school because it had the least amount of visible security. She also attended the school years ago, and had written a manifesto, which has yet to be released.

We learned that the shooter was a 28 year-old woman, and a transgender individual who used male pronouns. The shooter, who was clearly struggling with mental health issues, was also suicidal.

The radical left today is increasingly violent – and the “trans movement” itself is prone to violence. 

  • Liberal author J. K. Rowling – the famed author behind the Harry Potter franchise – routinely receives death threats for resisting leftist efforts to erase women.
  • Already many voices on the left are blaming laws that protect children from irreversible, mutilating surgeries for yesterday’s atrocity. 
  • Radical transgender activists and Antifa are calling for a “Trans Day of Vengeance” this weekend. 
  • A women’s rights activist was attacked in New Zealand this week by transgender activists. Police told her she was “lucky to be alive.”

The Mainstream Media's coverage has been sorely lacking of stories written about the hundreds of churches and pregnancy resource centers have been attacked by militant leftists in recent years. The left intends to use violence to silence normal conservative thoughts and speech. 

By the way, one of the groups promoting this “Day of Vengeance” is called “TRAN,” which stands for “Trans Radical Activist Network.” And some of these radicals are getting guns

Media Malfeasance

Once again, the neo-Marxist left and its media allies are attempting to exploit this atrocity to attack the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. Speaking at the White House yesterday, President Joe Biden demanded more gun control legislation, as if more laws are the answer.

Speaking of Biden, he also demonstrated why so many Americans have concerns about his age and mental faculties.

He started his remarks yesterday (above right,) by inappropriately joking about ice cream! 

He knew exactly what he was going to say about Nashville. He had been fully briefed on the situation before he walked into that room.

Yet, he really wanted to laugh about chocolate chip ice cream!

And there is another issue, which is the media’s malfeasance. Many outlets initially described the shooter as a woman, which is true. But when conservatives describe a transgender individual by their biological gender, that’s not true. It’s called “deadnaming.”

But now, many left-wing media outlets are furiously trying to spin their own narrative.

  • CNN reportedly scrubbed all mentions of the shooter’s gender from its coverage.
  • Other media outlets apologized, issued corrections or seemingly blamed the police for “misgendering” the shooter, when they weren’t busy blaming conservatives or Christians for the attack.

And would the issue today be “gun control” if the institution attacked had been a Muslim school and the shooter was identified as a Christian? Or would we instead be talking about “Christian nationalism” and “right-wing extremism?” I think we all know the answer.

Meanwhile, Sen. Josh Hawley is demanding that the Biden Administration investigate the Nashville school shooting for what it appears to be – a hate crime against Christians.

But the leftist media will never call it that.

Our Nation's Moral Vacuum is Being Filled with a Deficit of Being Woke

While the nation's "budget deficit" gets a lot of attention in Washington, D.C., America’s growing "Virtue & Moral Deficit" doesn’t get the attention it deserves. A new poll, however, is highlighting a disturbing change in the values that have always defined America. 

According to a survey from the Wall Street Journal, the values of faith, family and patriotism are in rapid decline.

  • The number of Americans who say patriotism is very important to them is down – from 70% to just 38% in the past 25 years. 
  • The number of Americans who say faith is very important to them is down – from 62% to 39%. 
  • And only 30% of Americans said that having children was very important to them – compared to 59% who felt that way 25 years ago. ​​​​

Not surprisingly, there were major differences between Democrats and Republicans. For example:

  • Only 23% of Democrats said "patriotism" was very important to them, versus 59% of Republicans. 
  • Just 27% of Democrats said "faith" was very important to them, versus 53% of Republicans.

When asked about the acceptance of trans-genderism:

  • only 33% of Americans felt that society “has not gone far enough,”
  • while 43% said it’s gone “too far.” 

Only 21% of Americans had a favorable view of people who use “preferred pronouns,” and just 17% of Americans supported the idea of boys playing in girls’ sports, while 56% opposed it.

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