BAUER: Every Rule Americans Associate with Fair Legal Process is Being Violated

And its being conducted by the wrong committee Adam Schiffs Intelligence Committee is taking lead rather than Judiciary Committee

By Gary Bauer

Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON D.C.  The fake impeachment process continues.  There were depositions taken yesterday and more scheduled this week. But because these proceedings are being managed like a grand jury and in secret nothing is being released to the public.

  • The president has not been allowed to confront his accusers. 
  • His words have been deliberately distorted by sitting members of Congress. 
  • People who could never serve on a jury because of their bias against the defendant are the ones conducting this proceeding. 
  • And its being conducted by the wrong committee -- Adam Schiffs Intelligence Committee is taking the lead rather than Jerry Nadlers Judiciary Committee.

Every rule that the American people associate with a fair legal process is being violated. Yet somehow the New York Times is still running stories with all kinds of details from the proceedings that are damaging to the president. 

Yesterday Rep. Matt Gaetz a Republican member of the Judiciary Committee showed up for the deposition of Fiona Hill a former member of the National Security Council.

He was kicked out of the room and not permitted to participate or even observe Hills questioning. 
Heres my recommendation:

The next time Schiffs Star Chamber meets all 17 Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee should show up and dare Schiffs staff to block them.

By the way Rep. Rashida Tlaib says that House progressives are now debating about how they can arrest Trump Cabinet Members.  So theyre trying to figure out no joke is it the D.C. police that goes and gets them? We dont know. Where do we hold them? Tlaib said at a recent town hall meeting.
Not surprisingly left-wing law professors are encouraging congressional liberals to follow through on their threats to arrest the presidents defenders.
Wheres Hunter Biden Been?
The modern day version of Wheres Waldo was solved this morning when Hunter Biden turned up for an interview with ABC News


Biden announced that hes resigning from the board of a Chinese-backed private equity firm.

He also vowed not to work for any foreign-owned companies if his father is elected president yet it seemed to have be OK when his father was Vice President. 
When asked by ABC whether he would have been hired by the Ukrainian natural gas company if his last name wasnt Biden Hunter conceded Probably not.

Biden and his defenders keep insisting that there is no evidence of wrongdoing or illegality.  But the acceptance of the job is the wrongdoing When you get a job at a foreign company simply because your father is vice president that is corruption. 
Its like the Clinton family collecting hundreds of millions of dollars in donations from countries that have business in America while Hillary served as Secretary of State.  Yes the donations to the Clinton Foundation may have been legal but notice that the foundation isnt doing so well now that Clinton is no longer able to capitalize on her government position. 
Debate Night
There was another Democrat debate last night on CNN featuring 12 candidates.  The debate involved a number of firsts:   

  • Its the first debate appearance for billionaire Tom Steyer.
  • Its the first debate since Bernie Sanders heart attack. 
  • Its the first debate since Elizabeth Warrens surge in the polls. 
  • Its the first debate since Speaker Nancy Pelosi launched her fake impeachment proceedings.
  • Its the first debate since Hunter Bidens public defense of his business dealings.
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