BAUER: There’s No Way Biden & Democrats Have Been Caught by Surprise with Our Economic Difficulties

Nothing makes the left angrier than a successful effort to lower the death toll among America's pre-born children

By Gary Bauer

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Texas Insider Report) — A radical leftist group called "Shutdown DC" is threatening tomorrow night’s Congressional Baseball Game. (Picture of last year's post-game celebration above.) This game is a long-standing Washington tradition intended to foster greater congeniality within the Halls of Congress. But, true to form, the left is trying to ruin it.

This is particularly disgusting when you recall some recent history.

In 2017, a deranged socialist came to Washington, and for days stalked Republican Congressmen on a “hit list” he carried around in his pocket. On June 14th, he showed up at the Alexandria, Virginia, baseball field where the Republican team was practicing, and he opened fire. 

He seriously wounded Representative Steve Scalise and could have killed a dozen or more Republican congressmen. Thankfully, as a member of the House leadership, Scalise had additional security who took the shooter down. 
  Of course, the Deep State and their liberal media accomplices quickly buried the shooter’s left-wing political motivations. But here we are five years later, and the left is once again threatening violence at a Congressional Baseball Game.

The political left in America has stormtroopers like Antifa and other extremist groups. Yes, I’m comparing them to Nazis. They’ve been doing this kind of thuggery for decades, and it’s getting worse and more dangerous. 
  During the Trump years, key cabinet officials and White House personnel were frequently attacked in public. 

The left’s unhinged rhetoric about conservative justices on the Supreme Court recently inspired a man to travel from California to Washington to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Now they’re attacking churches and firebombing crisis pregnancy centers.

This is the real danger to our constitutional Republic – Not conservatives, Not pro-lifers, Not Donald Trump. It’s left-wing stormtroopers willing to use violence. But those in power today – the president, the attorney general, and liberal leaders in Congress – won’t do anything to stop them.

The Pro-Abortion Left

We’ve been pointing out various examples of how today’s progressive movement is totally pro-abortion. Nothing makes the left angrier than any effort to lower the death toll among preborn children. 

Bill Clinton used to say abortions should be “rare.” Once upon a time, Joe Biden thought Roe v. Wade was wrong, and he routinely voted against federal funding for abortion. But now it’s not enough to simply be “pro-choice.” Any progressive politician who is serious about higher office must have a clear record of being aggressively pro-abortion. 

Consider, for example, the latest moves by Michigan’s left-wing governor, a rising star in the progressive movement. She’s just gone through her state’s latest budget with a fine-tooth comb and vetoed every dollar that would offer an alternative to abortion. She vetoed adoption tax credits. She vetoed money to promote adoption. She vetoed funding for maternity programs and crisis pregnancy centers. 

Clearly, she’s against any choice that involves keeping a baby alive. That’s not “pro-choice.” That’s pro-abortion.

Biden’s Environmental Extremism

A recent survey found that 75% of middle-class Americans say they are falling behind financially. A majority of Americans now say they are worse off today than they were one year ago. Overwhelmingly, Americans are worried about inflation, gas prices and soaring food bills.

So, what’s President Biden doing? Well, he’s pandering to the “one percenters.” That would be the 1% of Americans who, according to the latest New York Times poll, say "Climate Change" is the most important issue facing the country. Yes, you read that right – 1%.

There’s no way that Joe Biden and his entire administration were caught by surprise by our economic difficulties. (Maybe that’s why he is ignoring them.) The pandemic lockdowns the left demanded seriously damaged and disrupted our economy. 

Then, they made matters worse by attacking our energy industry from the very first day they took power, and they haven’t let up. Now, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, caused in part by Biden’s weakness, is further complicating matters. 

Any high school student with a basic understanding of the most fundamental principle of economics – the law of supply and demand – would know that Biden’s policies are deliberately driving up energy prices. 

Meanwhile, multiple cabinet members are pushing “solutions” that most Americans can’t afford and which the country isn’t ready for. 

I believe communist China is already at war with us, but they’re smart enough to not say it openly. What Americans need to understand is that this administration and their left-wing allies are at war with Middle America.  But they’re smart enough to not say it openly.

They know the very rich are very woke, and the very poor depend on big government programs. But the middle class are independent and an impediment to their socialist efforts. So, they trot out “Lunch Bucket Joe” to talk about unity and bringing the country together. 

But Biden’s not interested in your pain at the pump.  He caused it. He wants the accolades of the media, which is all in on the “green agenda.” The left-wing media and his left-wing base think Biden’s problem is that he’s not socialist enough, and he wants to prove them wrong.

What Can Germany Teach Us?

Many in the media are fretting that America is in “uncharted waters.” Not really. Just look at what is happening to Germany -- Europe’s economic powerhouse. 

German manufacturing is renowned around the world. But the green movement is on steroids in Germany. The German Green Party is one of the major political parties there, and currently part of the ruling socialist coalition. It has been dictating policies in Germany for years. American environmental extremists look to Germany as their model.

Even former German leader Angela Merkel, a so-called “conservative,” bought into much of the “green agenda.” It was Merkel who shutdown Germany’s coal plants. It was Merkel who shut down Germany’s nuclear plants. 

In spite of efforts by Donald Trump, who read them the riot act, Germany allowed themselves to become dependent on Russia for natural gas as their primary source of energy. 

Now Vladimir Putin has complete power to dictate what kind of lives the German people will live. And the German government, which followed the “green agenda,” has few options. 

Russia reopened its natural gas pipeline last week, which had been closed for maintenance, but it’s operating at just 40% capacity. Germany is now preparing to ration natural gas by 15%. What will they cut? Their major industries or heating to homes this winter?

The radical environmental agenda, like so much of the left’s agenda, is simply insane. It is an attack on capitalism and common sense. To better understand the insanity of the climate change crazies, watch this excellent video by our friends at Prager U.

Why Communist China Is Smiling

American energy companies are struggling to get financing because Biden says he’s going to destroy them in a matter of years. With Joe Biden constantly attacking that industry while implementing measures that constantly benefit Communist China, what bank would issue a major loan to a company the government is vowing to bankrupt?

But as Joe Biden demands we go green, Communist China has a lock on everything necessary to “go green.”
A lot of really smart, non-ideological people who study geopolitics and historical trends are warning that the wars in the future will be fought over control of natural resources. Countries will go to war over a desperate need for those resources. 

As we enter an era of natural resource wars, Joe Biden is destroying our advantage in natural resources – and is making us dependent on Communist China.

Do any of the far-left'S policies or initiatives make any sense? 
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