Bernie Sanders: Hell Probably Raise Payroll Income Taxes to Pay for Medicare for All

Admits purposefully omitting cost details of plan because it would engender enormous debate

WASHINGTON D.C. (Texas Insider Report) What it will probably end up looking like is a payroll tax on employers an increase in income tax in a progressive way for ordinary (high-income earning) people with a significant deductible for low-income people who pay nothing for it said Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) earlier this week while campaigning in New Hampshire specifying how he would pay for his Medicare for All program which critics have lambasted for its cost and impact on the federal budget.

When Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Administrator Seema Verma commented on the issue in April she described the program as the biggest threat to the American health care system.

Her concerns echoed those of others who worried about the impact on existing health plans.

What were talking about is stripping people of their private health insurance forcing them into a government-run program she said.

Sanders is just one of many liberal-progressive Democrat presidential candidates to advance Medicare for All and other policies prompting more vigorous debate about socialism in the United States.

The proposal has received varying cost estimates from different organizations.

An alternative scenario accounting for less effective cost controls would result in more than $3 trillion in additional costs.

Sanders and others have championed universal health care as a human rights issue -- citing the U.S.s high health care costs and lack of coverage compared to other industrialized nations.

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