Biden Speaks About Explosion of Anti-Semitism that's Occurring Under his Watch

Understand – this isn’t about Donald Trump, and it won’t disappear even if Mr. Trump were to go away

By Gary Bauer

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Texas Insider Report) — President Joe Biden went to Capitol Hill today and spoke at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Days of Remembrance event. Biden addressed the explosion of anti-Semitism that has occurring under his watch.

Curiously, the White House went to great lengths prior to his remarks to assure us that Biden would in fact address anti-Semitism. No problem there.
The issue is not that the White House isn’t addressing anti-Semitism, although it has done so in very stupid ways.

The problem is that Biden is empowering the anti-Semites every time he condemns anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in the same breath.

Anti-Semitism is hatred. Islamophobia is not hatred, but a fear of radical Islam that grows out of what radical Islamists regularly do.

Incredibly, Biden’s Department of Education has taken up a complaint from Students for Justice in Palestine alleging that they are being discriminated against at Columbia University

Are you kidding me?! I must have missed the Jewish mob chanting, “Death to Muslims! Death to Gaza!”

By the way, even as he delivered his speech today condemning anti-Semitism, Biden is delaying weapons shipments to Israel as it moves against the genocidal Hamas anti-Semites in Rafah.

Behind The Protests

In previous reports, we have exposed the left-wing donors, radical Islamist groups, and extremist forces that are funding and coordinating the anti-Israel protests on our college campuses.

For those still under the impression that this is all about Israel’s foreign policy – or America’s foreign policy – let me just clarify for you what we know is motivating this movement and what is really behind these protests.

I’m not talking about every single individual involved, but the inspiration and worldview of the movement and its radical leaders.

We know it is profoundly anti-Semitic. No one should be confused about that. It clearly hates Israel, but it also hates Jews wherever they are.
  • It is profoundly anti-American. It hates everything about America, including our founding fathers.
  • It desecrates statues of our heroes and monuments honoring the men and women who fought for our country. They did that last night in New York.
  • It tears down the American flag, burns it, and replaces it with foreign flags every chance it gets.
  • It despises law enforcement – the people whose job it is to keep you and me safe. They call police the most vile names, and they violently attack them when the police try to do their job.
The fact that such a movement with these things as central tenets can spring up on virtually every major university campus in America is not just a comment about how evil they are. This movement is nihilistic and wants anarchy.

The Marxist wing of this movement hates God. The radical Islamic part of this movement hates the God of the Bible and wants us to bow to AllahThey won’t be satisfied until they see all of America on fire. That’s their goal – America in flames. 

It is an indictment of how flaccid and weak we have become.  

A Random Observation

Radical protesters occupied and vandalized Hamilton Hall, named after Alexander Hamilton. They desecrated George Washington’s Statue on a campus named after him, in a city named after him, and where the most prominent monument is also named after him.

Many historians believe it is possible, if not likely, that America would not exist without George Washington. And yet this president has not said one word in defense of our first president.

The Intolerant Left

Michelle Kosinski, a former CNN reporter, has been out of the spotlight for several years. But she’s back in the news now. Sadly, it’s not for a great work of investigative journalism. Instead, she is making news for putting the left’s gross intolerance on full display. It turns out that Kosinski recently attended a dinner with some “well-educated and successful” couples. But she came away feeling hauntedafter discovering that they were “closeted” Trump supporters.

In her mind, they were worse than conservatives. She called them “MAGAts.” This is classic Nazism. The Nazis regularly referred to Jews as “vermin” and “parasites.”

I want you to notice something: Her hatred wasn’t directed at Donald Trump. She thinks people who support the MAGA agenda are “maggots.”

Well, what is the agenda of the MAGA movement?
  • It wants America to be great.
  • It wants our borders to be secure.
  • It wants our foreign policy to put America’s interests first.
  • It wants to protect American jobs and workers.
  • It wants our founding fathers to be honored.
In Kosinski’s fevered mind, anyone supporting those normal conservative values is a “maggot.”
We must understand that this isn’t about Donald Trump.

The left’s hatred and insanity toward those who want to defend America and our history of American Exceptionalism won’t disappear – even if Donald Trump were to go away.

Just how insane is the left?

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is demanding that the Justice Department investigate Trump supporters. Why? She thinks there’s a whole bunch of “MAGAts” who are “training up in the hills somewhere... planning on a civil war” if Trump loses.

Really? The only people I see running around training for war – spreading hate and burning things – all happen to be members of the progressive coalition!

But wait... There’s more leftist insanity!
  But leftist dehumanization of conservatives, baseless demands for investigations, and disgusting calls for the mass murder of conservatives are totally ignored by our friends in the press.

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