Border Patrol Union Chief Blasts Congress Says Crisis Falls Squarely on the Hands of Congress

Southwest Border apprehensions for 2019 have already surpassed 2018 year totals

WASHINGTON D.C. (Texas Insider Report) President Trump is doing everything in his power to be able to stop this crisis but Democrats and some activists are just doing everything behind his back to undermine his authority" National Border Patrol Council Vice President Hector Garza told Fox & Friends recently.

width=307Garza says some of the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates are admitting there is an ongoing problem at the U.S. border but ultimately he believes they arent doing enough.

If you hear what Senator Bernie Sanders has been saying and Cory Booker they are already acknowledging that there is a crisis on the border" he said.

But the question is what are you doing about it?"

The record number of illegal immigrants coming to the U.S. border is no accident Garza says.

Its actually the result of all these sanctuary policies" said the National Border Patrol Councils Vice President.

Its the result of Congress not acting and even continuing to encourage illegal immigration.

The massive migrant caravans that continue to make their way toward the U.S.-Mexico border are the result of Congress not acting and continuing to encourage illegal immigration" according to Garza a Border Agent and top National Border Patrol Council Union official.

Garza says migrants are taking advantage of the way the U.S. immigration system processes asylum seekers in order to gain entry to the country.

Central American migrants ride atop a freight train during their journey toward the U.S.-Mexico border in Ixtepec Oaxaca State Mexico earlier this year.

Garza hailed Trump for drawing attention to the surge in migrants saying no other president has held Mexico accountable" like him.

They are acting they are moving and they are stopping some of these caravans because if not the situation at the border will only get worse" Garza said.

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