BRADY BRIEFING: Commitment to America

"We must also ensure our communities are safe and secure. We’ll support our police officers, rebuild our military and protect against the dismantling of our civic institutions."

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – THE WOODLANDS, TX - To confront the challenges faced by the Coronavirus pandemic, Congress must work with President Trump to support real, meaningful legislation that will help our country continue on the path towards strength and recovery. That’s why I’m joining my Republican colleagues in Congress to make a commitment to America: that under our leadership, we can restore our way of life, rebuild the greatest economy, and renew the American dream. 

Restoring America’s way of life
Our first step back to a healthy America is defeating the coronavirus. Already, the Trump Administration has taken unprecedented action to give patients access to expanding therapies to treat coronavirus and develop a vaccine. By investing in cures, slashing drug prices, and ending surprise medical billing, we will defeat the virus and keep America healthy. Republicans will protect individuals with pre-existing conditions and expand access to affordable telemedicine, mental health services, and opioid treatment. And mark our words – we’ll end America’s dependence on China for crucial medicines, medical supplies and technology. 

We must also ensure our communities are safe and secure. We’ll support our police officers, rebuild our military and protect against the dismantling of our civic institutions.

Rebuilding the greatest economy
Americans are battling back from COVID-19, defying expectations. Together, we’ve already gained back nearly half the jobs lost. But we can’t stop now – we must continue to rebuild the greatest economy we’ve seen in modern times. 

We’ll add 10 million new good-paying jobs to get America working again.

We’ll make tax cuts permanent, and let families and businesses keep more of what they work so hard to earn.

We’ll guarantee single parents can keep their $2,000 a child tax credit.

And we’ll make sure Opportunity Zones keep driving hope and investment into America’s poorest neighborhoods.

But we know that we cannot stop there. We must look beyond this pandemic toward growth, so that our children and grandchildren can enter a workforce built for them. 

Renewing the American dream
As the land of opportunity, renewing our American dream will unlock the potential of the next generation and make our country stronger. We need to make sure every child has an excellent school to go to, one that they and their parents can choose.  

We have to make sure we’re providing first rate care for our veterans, including help for finding a job and making sure they have safe, clean housing.  That means we tailor VA benefits around the veteran, not around a system. And finally, we must support the American worker by promoting opportunities for career and technical education, workforce development, and lifelong learning so more Americans can earn a promotion or pursue a meaningful new career.

Too many in Washington are focused on radical policy ideas that defund, destroy, and dismantle. But here in Texas, we believe in funding our police, protecting our society and strengthening our nation’s values – and that’s my commitment to you. 
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