BROWN: Governors Nationwide Rallying Behind Abbott as Biden Threatens Texas – 'Enough Is Enough'


Joe Biden "has turned every state into a border state."

By Spencer Brown

As Texas Governor Greg Abbott continues to "hold the line" against President Joe Biden and his administration's attempts to deny the Lone Star State the right to defend itself from the illegal immigrant invasion declared by Abbott, the leaders of other states facing the effects of Biden's border crisis are standing with him. 

Gov. Abbott has declared that he will not back down in the face of mounting legal harassment from the federal government – and defiantly ordered the installation of more razor wire to enforce the international border based on his constitutional right to self-defense after the Supreme Court granted Biden's emergency appeal to allow federal agents to cut the wire that is helping prevent the influx of illegal immigrants that set another record in December of more than 300,000. 

Among those standing with Abbott is Governor Kevin Stitt of neighboring Oklahoma
In addition, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin posted his support for Abbott and Texas' work to do "the job Joe Biden and his border czar [Vice President Kamala Harris] refuse to do."

"Enough is enough," declared Georgia Governor Brian Kemp in declaring "full support" for Abbott and the State of Texas. 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has sent Sunshine State officers to help Texas with Operation Lone Star, noted that Biden's argument that Texas (or any state) is "powerless to defend themselves against an invasion, it wouldn't have been ratified in the first place."

Up in South Dakota, Governor Kristi Noem praised Abbott's actions as "exactly right."

Montana's Governor Greg Gianforte also noted that Abbott is doing what Biden won't and reminded that Biden's willful effort to make the border less secure "is inviting cartels, illegal drugs, and human trafficking into the United States."

Emphasizing how Biden has turned every state into a border state, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee noted that the "federal government's failure to secure our nation's southern border is jeopardizing the safety of all Americans." 
Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry declared that his state "stands with Texas" and echoed the sentiment that "enough is enough" when it comes to the federal government's harassment of Texas.

Utah Governor Spencer Cox joined the chorus of support, saying Utah thanks Texas and Abbott for "stepping up" where Biden has failed.

He also emphasized that the border "disaster" is "not a partisan issue" but one of "national security."

Saying that Biden and his White House have been "purposely absent" in responding to the border crisis, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey said she has "had enough" and pledged that her state would have Texas' back. 

Idaho's Governor Brad Little also posted that his state "stands with Texas."

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice, also noting that Biden "has turned every state into a border state," said his state supports Abbott's actions and stands with Texas in its fight against the "terrible crisis at the Southern Border."

Biden, who has shown no interest in securing America's international borders or preventing illegal immigrants from streaming into the country without consequence since his first day in office, faces increasing pressure to do something — anything — to address the crisis he's created. Yet, he still refuses to act.

The least he could do would be to stop attacking those, with Governor Abbott leading the way, who are doing something to stop the invasion of Texas

If Biden refuses to realize the error of his attempts to deprive Texas of its constitutional right to self-defense against an invasion – while Biden abdicates his duty to protect Texas – Gov. Abbott must continue to stand strong and, in the spirit of Texas' rich history, tell Biden to "Come and Take It."

Spencer Brown is the Managing Editor for, and is a regular guest on Fox News whose byline has also appeared in USA Today and other nationwide outlets. He is a Foundation for Defense of Democracies media fellow (2023) and an alumnus of the National Journalism Center.