Bush Completes His Scummy Betrayal

By Kurt Schlichter

George W. Bush reaffirmed his status as garbage last week, for those few cons still in doubt.

Bush got up on the 9/11 anniversary and proceeded to demonstrate, again, the essentiality of class in American society. Not “class” in the sense that he is classy; Bush, though it was very important to him to front that he has such class, in fact, has none. No, the “class” that is important to W is social class. He once again chose his country club pals over you and compounded it by issuing a disgusting blood libel against you. That’s his “thank you” for the thankless job of defending his worthless rear-end we did for all those years back when he was too gentlemanly to do it himself.

His disgusting speech even drew the ire of the even-tempered and thoughtful Byron York, who called it “dreadful.” What I would call it would not pass FCC muster.

This backstabbing creep dared say:

“And we have seen growing evidence that the dangers to our country can come not only across borders, but from violence that gathers within. There is little cultural overlap between violent extremists abroad and violent extremists at home. But in their disdain for pluralism, in their disregard for human life, in their determination to defile national symbols, they are children of the same foul spirit. And it is our continuing duty to confront them.”

Now, I am not one for the dog whistle theory that everything anyone says is a secret message to one’s own supporters, but this is not a dog whistle because his scuzzy slander of Trump supporters is no secret. Libs got it immediately; the blue checks had a Twitter festival of toobining about how the architect of so much defeat and misery is now fully parroting the MSNBCNN narrative preferred by his new pals the Clintons and the Obamas. “Those Trump people are just like the Taliban – there, can I get back inside the club?”

Liz Cheney, though, thought it was great.

By “extremists at home,” he means you people who didn’t clap for his brother when Jeb! said “Please.” You had Bush’s back, for years, and he has planted another dagger in yours. Now, normally I’d be fine with forgetting about this historical footnote and leave him to paint his cruddy watercolors of some of the people he got maimed through his wretched incompetence. But his perfidy calls for a more decisive response.
The Bush name must be scrubbed from our politics. 

His puffball brother Jeb! is currently cavorting with “conservative climate activists,” perhaps imagining that since Republicans don’t want him, maybe Democrats will. And now there’s another Bush, George P. Bush, who’s the son of one of them, trying to make it in Texas politics. He says the right things, and may be a good guy (he was in the Navy through the sons-of-rich-guys direct commissioning program), but then we once thought the other ones were good guys too and they sold us out. This latest scion’s budding career must be ruthlessly destroyed as a lesson to others. He is disqualified by his name; dynasties are bad, and bad dynasties are intolerable. He’ll have no trouble getting another job, but he cannot be a Republican politician. The message we send from the GOP base must be clear – screw with us and there are consequences. The Bushes are Carthage, and we’re Rome. 

Sorry, George P. I get that it’s a drag and probably cosmically unfair. Too bad. Take up your disappointment with your traitor elders.

Mitt Romney is another one of these useless rich kids who turn on the poors who once helped them the second things get awkward at the country club. But it’s not just trust fund bozos who will turn on us. It’s all those aspiring to get into the DC in-crowd and become full-fledge bozos themselves.

Take Nikki Haley, please. She’s a Bush in every way that matters except for the last name, with her fake bipartisanship act around her DC pals and her fake hardcore act around us. Now, the bipartisan stuff is fake because she’s really unipartisan – she burns with desire to be part of the in-club of indistinguishable Demopublicans devoted to perpetuating the status quo that shafts us normals. In what universe would Haley get elected and tell her new buddies, the ones providing her all her glorious new opportunities, to go pound sand? 
In a bizzarro universe, which – fortunately – is the only one in which a sub-mediocrity like her might get the GOP nomination.

Haley will stick us in the spine just like Bush did, whether submitting to wokeness or vaxx mandates or the climate cult or “common-sense gun control.” Whatever the elite wants, she’ll deliver. Class always prevails – if they have to choose between your livelihood, freedom, or the lives of your soldier sons and daughters and avoiding uncomfortable conversations at Bushwood Country Club, it’s not even a question. She and her ilk will go for the social lubrication that comes with selling us out every single time.

And then there’s Kristi Noem, the political Eliza Doolittle to Corey Lewandowski’s smarmy Professor Henry Higgins. It’s not the rain in Spain with her – it’s that she’s peeing on your leg and telling you it’s raining. She’s a pawn of woke corps, and it’s even more irritating that she thinks we’re stupid. Jeb!-In-Chaps flat-out lied to our faces about her sell-out on men pretending to be girls to win at sports, and she recently decided to take a stand against taking a stand against vaxx mandates – as my pal Buck Sexton accurately and succinctly characterized her, she’s a “Total phony.”

Noem’s side is the Chamber of Commerce’s side, the Establishment’s side, but not your side. 

A Bush by any other name smells as Swalwellian. The Establishment types are never on your side, and we need to be ruthless in flushing these lib-friendly floaters. 
Columnist and Author Kurt Schlichter by N/A is licensed under N/A