CHUMLEY: Biden, 77% of America Now Agrees, is Too Old to Be Re-Elected

69% of Democrats think Biden’s too far gone mentally to serve with fitness, as do 89% of Republicans
By Cheryl Chumley
Fully 77% of Americans say Joe Biden is too old to be effective if he is indeed re-elected as president. The stragglers are finally catching up, and the only question is: What took these people so long?

It’s not as if Biden’s basement 2019-2020 campaign belied his utter incompetence. The two went hand-in-hand. It wasn’t the coronavirus or concerns of spreading or contracting COVID that kept Biden in stay-at-home campaign mode. It was the known reality of his mental instability.

The signs were all there. The writing was on the wall. The tea leaves were read and they all said: ineffective.

So it’s truly no surprise that his presidential leadership – cough, cough, and that’s leadership in quotation marks – is as failed and weak and floundering as his campaign.
Now, on the heels of roughly three years of Biden’s ineffectiveness, a vast majority of Americans have finally come to the open conclusion:
He’s ineffective, and if he wins in 2024 he’s gonna be even more ineffective – ‘cause what Biden has isn’t getting any better. There’s just no healing from that.

In May, more than 6 in 10 Americans – 64% – said Biden was not in good enough health to serve effectively as president, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll. 

Nowadays, more than 7 in 10 – 77 % – say he’s too old to effectively serve another four years, according to a just-released Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Survey.

Wait for it, wait for it... the 23% who aren’t quite there yet either haven’t been paying attention to news, or are Biden family members living off the White House trough. They’ll come around.
Most Democrats already have.

This same AP-NORC poll finds:

  • 89% of Republicans think Biden’s too far gone mentally to serve with fitness;
  • so too, 69% of Democrats.
“The AP noted that the negative view of Biden’s age is held across age groups, not just by younger people,” The Hill wrote.

That means even nursing home voters – the ones who would vote for Biden out of age solidarity, if nothing else – see him as mentally unfit for the executive office.

This 77% survey is actually a good sign for America. It means that:
  • while race is continuing to divide,
  • while economic opportunities are continuing to divide,
  • while America’s importance on the global stage is continuing to divide,
  • while even the core essence of what it means to be an American, and
    • whether or not American Exceptionalism still has a place in the world of the future –
  • while all that is continuing to divide, the nation is coming together on at least one basic fact.
We all think Joe Biden is a buffoon with zero ability to effectively lead.

Maybe that’s the building block for a united future.

Cheryl Chumley, a best-selling author and frequent National Television & Radio guest, is online Opinion Editor, commentary writer, and host of the “Bold and Blunt” podcast for The Washington Times. Follow her on Twitter, on Facebook, and subscribe to her newsletter at The Washington Times and get her daily commentaries here.