Cong. Brady: I Strongly Oppose Efforts to Develop a High-Speed Rail in Texas.

Judges from across Texas back Bradys position


WASHINGTON D.C. (Texas Insider Report) Our government was created to protect our liberties not to take them away and I will fight against any permits from Washington D.C. that grant this private company the ability to seize property to develop a high-speed rail in Texas without the consent of landowners said Houston Cong. Kevin Brady announcing that he had sent a letter to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) stating as much.

I strongly oppose TCRs efforts to develop a high-speed rail in Texas said Brady.

Bradys letter specifically addresses the Texas Central Railroad Companys (TCR) petition for a Rule of Particular Applicability or RPA:

The proposed Dallas to Houston route would threaten the property rights of Texas landowners whose farms ranches and homesteads sit along the route land that has at times been in families for generations.

The projects cost has already increased by nearly 90 and serious economic and safety questions have gone unanswered.

While I strongly support infrastructure that addresses the dynamic growth of Texas transportation improvements need to work for local communities not against them" Brady said.

And various Judges from across the State of Texas also voiced their support for Brady position against the high-speed rail proposal.

The rural counties appreciate Congressman Bradys hard work to make the decisions that go against the powerful people and agencies that have no idea how this high-speed rail could destroy peoples lives and livelihood" said Leon County Judge Byron Ryder.

width=321Their properties have been in their families for generations and they want to keep it for the next generation and all those to come.

We have to stand firm that eminent domain is not good and it should not be given to this privately-owned train."

Added Judge Joe Fauth the County Judge for Grimes County:

The Congressman knows this is a bad project for Texas especially its citizens and is willing to take a stand. Grimes County is very glad to have the support of our Congressman. Thank you sir for helping to stop this non-beneficial project."

It takes courage to ask the hard questions on a project that is ill-conceived and Congressman Bradys common-sense approach to this boondoggle is inspiring" added Waller County Judge Trey Duhon.

We sincerely appreciate the support of Congressman Brady and his staff."

  • The full text of Cong. Bradys letter can be viewed here.
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