Cong. Kevin Brady: On the Passing of Larry Temple Texas Workforces Executive Director of 20 Years

The best part of my job is knowing that I had a part in helping someone else get a job." width=210Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN Texas An untold number of Americans are better off because of Larry Temples hard work and commitment to his fellow Texans and to America. Larrys loss will be deeply felt in Texas and across the country said Texas Cong. Kevin Brady following the passing of Texas Workforce Commission Executive Director Larry Temple Saturday morning. Not everyone gets to do a job they love and truly makes a difference but Larry Temple helped his fellow Texans find a job and took great joy in doing it. He was an invaluable resource to the House Ways & Means Committee during my time as Chairman sharing ideas and technical assistance that led to landmark workforce legislation being written and passed by the Committee. As the founding leader of the Secretaries Innovation Group he led the charge in helping his colleagues find the best ways to assist the people they served said Brady. I extend my sincere condolences to his wife Benita their two sons Brad and Daniel and their families." The Texas Workforce release the following statement Monday afternoon announcing Temples passing and highlighting his illustrious career.

Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Mourns Passing of Executive Director Larry Temple

width=157AUSTIN ⎯ With deep sadness the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) announces the passing of its Executive Director Larry Temple who died Saturday morning at the age of 66. Mr. Temple faithfully served the state of Texas for over two decades from 1997 until 2019.

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of our beloved Executive Director Larry Temple. No words can adequately express our sadness at Mr. Temples death or our gratitude for the opportunity to work with him.

Mr. Temple was an unstoppable force. His commitment to helping the Texas workforce system changed thousands of individual lives" said TWC Chair Ruth Hughs and Commissioners Julian Alvarez and Robert Thomas.

The Commissioners continued saying

A devoted husband loving father honest and steadfast friend exemplary worker leader and someone with an over-sized sense of humor who had the ability to make everyone smile: this is how we will always remember Mr. Temple.

He was deeply loved by his family and friends. We cannot put into words the loss that will be felt by his passing.

In addition to his family those of us who had the opportunity to work under his leadership and alongside him feel a tremendous loss."

Mr. Larry Temple came to the TWC agency in 1997 serving first as Director of Welfare Reform for six years and then served as Executive Director since 2004 for 14 years. Over the course of Mr. Temples state service individuals inside and outside of Texas saw firsthand his integrity humility and compassion always on display. TWC strengthened under his leadership becoming one of the most comprehensive and integrated workforce development systems in the country. Mr. Temple never deterred from his most important mission and purpose. He understood deeply the importance of providing exemplary service to his family community state and nation. He befriended everyone he met locally and nationally he loved life and he loved his work. His strong leadership and problem-solving skills helped bring dignity and pride to working Texans. He understood that putting Texans back to work is the most honorable of jobs and keeping Texas working is the greatest hope for our future. He continuously stated that the best part of my job is knowing that I had a part in helping someone else get a job." Meanwhile he was an extremely hard worker had natural authenticity that comes with great wisdom and experience was deeply compassionate to others in need and shared with everyone he met his well-refined sense of humor and charismatic self.
  • width=454Mr. Temple vigorously championed major and transformative workforce goals.
  • Over the past 20 years he frequently testified before and advised Congress and many states sharing best practices on reemployment and other leading policy and program ideas.
  • Under his leadership TWC also actively helped other state workforce agencies in times of crisis.
  • For example in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina the TWC Unemployment Insurance Division handled thousands of claims for the Louisiana Workforce Commission at a time when Texas was dealing with its own catastrophic damage.
Prior to serving at TWC Mr. Temple served as Deputy Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Human Services for five years. In Mississippi he oversaw statewide administration of the states human services programs and led one of the early statewide welfare reform initiatives. Mr. Temple was actively involved with the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) the national organization representing all 50 State Workforce Agencies serving at various times as both president and board member. Throughout his career Larry has tirelessly driven some of the most important changes seen in his field at TWC as a leader in the National Association of State Workforce Agencies and in his consulting role for the American Institute for Full Employment. The American Institute for Full Employment (AIFE) a nationwide reemployment think tank announced last December that it had awarded its first Lifetime Achievement Award for Full Employment to Larry Temple.

Larry is a bright light for all who know him" said AIFE president John Courtney in presenting the award.

His inventive ideas unwavering optimism drive and exceptional humor have paved a path for important innovation not only in Texas but across the United States."

For nearly three decades Larry Temples outside-the-box thinking and work in a wide range of programs helped millions of struggling unemployed workers across the country. His work was recognized nationally and he contributed to Texas being a national role model for workforce development innovation and assistance across the country. We are forever in his debt.
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