Cong. McCaul & Campaign Knock on Over 25000 Doors

Spreading the word one door at a time to share my record of delivering results and improving the lives of Texans.


AUSTIN Texas (Texas Insider Report) This campaign is about bringing people from all backgrounds together. Im grateful to all our volunteers and interns whore helping us spread the word one door at a time to share my record of delivering results and improving the lives of Texans across my district" said Cong. Michael McCaul announcing that the McCaul for Congress Field Program had knocked on its 25000th door of the campaign.

McCaul who currently serves as the lead Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee is also the Chairman Emeritus of the House Homeland Security Committee and was ranked as the 3rd Most Effective Lawmaker by the Center for Effective Lawmaking earlier this year.

In June McCauls campaign launched the nations first field program to take McCauls record of results to swing voters throughout the district which runs from the city of Austin to northwest Houston.

The Congressmans 10th District of Texas Campaign also announced it has opened field offices in both Travis and Harris counties where volunteers and interns are trained by full-time campaign staff.

McCauls ground game has been quick to engage and mobilize high school and college students. These students serve as the backbone of the campaigns door-to-door efforts the campaign said.

Time to Get Things Done

Nancy Pelosi and her out-of-state allies are preparing to attack Michael McCaul and distort his record as one of the most effective members of Congress said the campaign announcement adding

While attempting to falsely portray the eventual Democratic nominee either a Pelosi Liberal or an AOC Socialist as a moderate the McCaul Campaign is prepared to go directly to the voters door by door and block by block so voters know the truth.

Its time for Washington to start passing legislation that actually makes peoples lives better. This starts with voting on the United StatesMexicoCanada Agreement (USMCA) to replace NAFTA said the campaign release.

This deal would modernize our current trading relationship with Americas two biggest trading partners create 180000 American jobs benefit farmers and ranchers across the country and strengthen Americas negotiating position with China.


At a time when all voters see in Washington is partisan gridlock I am working with members of both parties to keep our nation safe end human trafficking find cures for pediatric cancer and other diseases and protect our economy and quality of life" said McCaul.


In March Nancy Pelosi said

Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless theres something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan I dont think we should go down that path because it divides the country."

There is nothing bipartisan about the current impeachment inquiry which received a total of zero Republican votes yet hearings continue. Elected officials are sent to Congress to improve Americans lives noted the McCaul campaign.

So what was D.C. focused on last week? A partisan impeachment investigation.

As a result there was no substantive progress to reduce the price of prescription drugs update NAFTA with the USMCA or even fund the government including the salaries of our military service members. All of these items would have enough bipartisan support for passage.

Instead Congress legislative activity has been effectively halted so that Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff can impeach President Trump said the campaign.

From the Field in the 10th Congressional District of Texas

There are so many important issues that continue to be overlooked in Washington and that are falling by the wayside in todays world of partisan politics. A lot of these issues dont even receive the news coverage they deserve and as a result theres not even an honest conversation about what Congress can do to truly improve the lives of the American citizen.


Back in Texas however our campaigns interns and volunteers are having these conversations as they go door-to-door and speak with voters face-to-face noted McCauls campaign release.

After knocking on 1000s and 1000s of doors each week it is clear that working together we can find solutions to all of these issues.

We encourage citizens to tell us about the issues that matter most to them and well continue to share our record of passing legislation that combats human trafficking funds cancer research and addresses drug overdose said the campaign.

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