Cong. Pfluger, Representing West Texas' Permian Basin, to Serve on Powerful Energy & Commerce Committee

"the first time a West Texan has served on the committee in nearly half a century."

By Cong. August Pfluger

Texas Insider Report WASHINGTON, D.C.  It is a great honor to announce that I have been chosen to serve on the powerful House Energy & Commerce Committee for the 118th Congress. The committee, first created in 1795, is the oldest in the House of Representatives and has broad jurisdiction over energy, environment, technology, health care, data privacy and security, broadband, and much more.

My appointment is significant – as it is the first time Midland and Odessa have been represented on the committee tasked with securing our Nation’s energy supply, and the first time a West Texan has served on the committee in nearly half a century.

In addition to the critical energy responsibilities, this committee will be part of the solution for nearly every major issue currently facing our Nation. This includes:
  • Holding Big Tech accountable
  • Addressing America's drug addiction crisis, and
  • Ensuring our rural communities have the quality health care they deserve
I am committed to leveraging my position on the committee to lower costs for American families, fight for free speech, and preserve the free market. 
  Republican Results

In the first week of our new Republican Majority, we have begun fulfilling our Commitment to America, which includes working for a safer nation, a strong economy, an accountable government, and a future that is free.

This past week, we PASSED legislation to:
  • Rescind $80 billion in funding for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that would have gone towards hiring 87,000 new IRS Agents to perform audits on American families and businesses.
  •  Establish two Select Subcommittees on the Strategic Competition Between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party and the Weaponization of the Federal Government.
    • This is especially important given the recent politicization we’ve seen from our nation’s federal agencies. From CDC Covid censorship to an unresponsive FBI – I want to investigate the investigators.
  • Two strong pro-life initiatives condemning recent attacks on pro-life facilities and the Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act, which requires that health care practitioners provide infants that survive an attempted abortion the same standard of medical care as any other newborn.

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