CRENSHAW: If Democrats Have to Lie Like This About What Republicans Are Doing, We're Doing a Good Job

Young people need role models who teach them to be calm, humble, and thoughtful about the perspectives of others – and deliberate in their actions

By Cong. Dan Crenshaw

Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON, D.C. They’ve been unwilling to negotiate on their unsustainable spending – while also spreading lies about the Republican plan to fix this crisis – so this week I messaged a few points on the Democrats’ dishonest rhetoric about the Debt Ceiling.

Republicans have commonsense solutions to raise to debt ceiling, while limiting spending, and Democrats are the only ones to blame if we default on the debt.  

I also spoke at an Energy & Commerce Committee hearing about the administration's failure to grow our domestic energy sector, and highlighted the social costs of energy insecurity. 
Democrats are really mad that they're losing the messaging battle over the debt ceiling negotiations. Even CNN had a poll that found 60% of Americans agree with the Republican position in these talks – that increasing the debt ceiling should come with commonsense spending cuts.

The left is channeling that anger in typical fashion: lying about everything.

Their lies about the debt ceiling are more egregious than usual, though. They’re claiming that Republicans passed a bill that would cause a default (they label our bill the “Default on America Act”).

The only problem with that? House Republicans are the only ones in Washington who RAISED THE DEBT CEILING. We did it a month ago with a bill called the "Limit, Save, Grow Act." Our bill raises the debt ceiling while limiting spending, making it easier to boost domestic energy production, and stopping abuse of our welfare programs.

That bill has been sitting in the Democrat-controlled Senate for a month, while we inch closer to a default.
Joe Biden waited 100 days to even negotiate with Republicans on this issue. And since then, the only counter offer Democrats have proposed is RAISING TAXES after already enacting billions in tax increases just last year.

Democrats are lying about these negotiations, their position is deeply unpopular with the American people, and they are the only ones to blame if we default.

That’s the truth.
Embrace The Challenge of Freedom | Scott Walker

If you ask any conservative why they’re conservative, it’s guaranteed their answer won’t be “because I was promised free stuff.” Bribing people for their support is the left’s game, and conservatives will never be able to beat them at it, because the left has no limiting principles (which is why policies like canceling student debt are suddenly normal talking points on the left).

So why should you be a conservative?

To embrace the challenge of freedom. Or as Scott Walker puts it, understanding that true freedom and prosperity don’t come from the clumsy hand of the government.

They come from empowering people to live their own lives and control their own destinies through the dignity of hard work. That’s a compelling and timeless message, and one conservatives should continue making.
  Outrage Is Weakness: My Advice For How Young People Should Engage In Politics

I had an awesome time on the Triggernometry Podcast with Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster when they visited D.C. recently. These guys have some of the most interesting takes on culture and politics –  their entire interview is a must-watch. In this clip we discuss the problem with outrage. There’s a difference between righteous indignation, which can be a very helpful motivator to justified action, and the overwhelming, belligerent anger which has become the default reaction that so many people have when hearing counterpoints to their worldview.

Young people who are just beginning to form their opinions see this pervasive outrage in our culture, and think it’s normal behavior and the way you’re supposed to act if you want to change something. It’s not normal or healthy, and it’s certainly not persuasive. Young people need role models who teach them to be calm, humble, thoughtful about the perspectives of others, and deliberate in their actions.

That’s how you learn and that’s ultimately how you persuade people to your side.

Dan Crenshaw represents the people of Texas’s 2nd Congressional District in Congress. He serves on the House Energy & Commerce Committee – which has the broadest jurisdiction of any legislative committee in Congress – and on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

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