Democrat's 'Lust for Power' Drives 'Black Lives Matter,' 'Antifa' to Tear Down, Destroy America

"You don't see it on the network's Nightly News – The American people are being told a lie by the media."

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Texas Insider Report) — "You don't see it on the network's Nightly News Shows, you don't see it on the cable stations, and yet Americans hear about all these supposedly 'peaceful demonstrators'. It's just a lie – The American people are being told a lie by the media," said U.S. Attorney General William Barr Sunday on Fox News's "Life, Liberty & Levin" program.
The Left's "lust for power" is driving Black Lives Matter & Antifa – who are intent on "tearing down the system," said the Attorney General – and Antifa's lawless rioters are engaged in "a new form of urban guerrilla warfare," Barr told host Mark Levin.

Black Lives Matter, Barr said, is "a revolutionary group that's interested in some form of Socialism, or Communism."

Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Cullors confirmed in mid-June that one of the radical group’s “goals” is to remove President Donald Trump from office, and stressed that voting him out in November is not good enough – she said Mr. Trump "should resign now."
  Attorney General Barr said the movement "began the day Trump won in 2016, and from that point forward, there's been the resistance," he told Levin.

"They were trying to impeach him from Day One. They've done everything they can... and I think it's because of the desire for power that the Left wants."

Barr also hit the major media for "projecting a narrative" and selling a "lie" to the American people in their watered-down coverage of the ongoing, nationwide rioting and looting that's spreading into smaller and mid-sized cities, Barr said..

The media has become "extremely monolithic," he concluded, "and it's wedded in many ways to the Democrat Party."
"The way the (Black Lives Matter & Antifa) guerrilla hides out among the people is as a fish in the ocean. What they do is, they're essentially shielding or shrouding themselves in 1st Amendment 'Freedom of Speech' activity," Barr said.

"They go into these demonstrations, which are exercising 1st Amendment activity, and they insinuate themselves in there to shield themselves. That's where they swim. And what they do is they hijack the demonstrations and provoke violence," said Barr.

The Liberal Left – represented by the Democrat Party and marketed throught the mainstream media in the United States – now represents a “revolutionary party that believes in tearing down the system,” and they are interested in “complete political victory,” Barr said.
Power has become a "secular religion of the Left," said the Attorney General.

"They want to run people's lives so they can design utopia for all of us... and it's the lust for power. And they weren't expecting Trump's victory, and it outrages them."

Democrats' plan to institute majority mail-in voting is very disturbing – and represents nothing more than a "doomsday scenario" for the Left’s power grab, the Attorney General said.

Barr said that while some on the Left are “true believers” who want to tear down the system, others are “cowards” who don’t want to face a primary challenge.

“So for them, it’s careerism,” Barr said. “You know, 'I sort of like my current gig, and I’ll do anything to stay here, and I won’t stand up for what is right. I won’t stand up for the country. I won’t stand up for our institutions.'”

Barr said that House Judiciary Committee Democrats (including Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler, D-NY, above center with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently,) were cleary afraid to have him speak at a recent hearing to which he was called to testify.

At the hearing, Democrat Committee members repeatedly interrupted or tallked over the Attorney General's attempts to answer their questions, and often "reclaimed their time" so Barr could not provide complete answers to their political-narrative questions.

He quickly caught on to what was happening, Barr said.
Cong. Jim Jordan calls out the Media & Congressional Democrats who claim Destruction, Looting & Lawlessness are 'Peaceful Protests' during a House Judiciary Committee hearing with  Att. Gen. Barr on Tuesday, July 28, 2020.“They talk about the 'Rule of Law,' they talk about the importance of the Federal Legal System and the 'Protection of Civil Rights.'

“But as I said, or asked during my hearing comments, 'Can any of you just come out and say it’s not OK to burn down Federal Courthouses?'” Barr said, referring to the 70+ days-and-counting of unrest in the city of Portland, Oregon.

"That's the heart of that is our court system – and they’re not willing, and not one of them piped up to say, 'No, it’s not OK to be burning down our Federal Courts,'” said Attorney General Barr.

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