Democrats Arent Letting The Lack Of A Reason Stop Them From Pushing Impeachment

By Derek Hunter

President Donald Trump must be guilty of something the Democrats insist. After all he tweets mean things and refuses to let White House staffers testify about their private interactions with him. Why else would someone do that? Besides hes a Republican and in the liberal world that is grounds enough to impeach. The only thing missing from the Democrats push to undo the will of the people is any evidence or legal reason to do so but they arent going to let that stop them.

Liberals know Donald Trump is corrupt they just cant prove it. That inability to prove it is not getting in the way of the march to impeach the 45th president of the United States as the chorus of voices calling for the start of impeachment proceedings continues to grow.

Media Democrats are bedside themselves upset at Speaker Nancy Pelosis hesitance to go all in on removing the president. Congressional Democrats have introduced impeachment resolutions and launched investigations in search of crimes in the hope of finding something anything to justify what theyre setting up. Its the antithesis of what the justice system in this country is supposed to be.

But this is the justice system Democrats want at least for everyone they dont like. Brett Kavanaugh was guilty of something before he was even accused. When Christine Blasey Ford came forward with insane unverified unprovable allegations" of sexual assault that was enough for Democrats to turn into Torquemada. If theyd had the power they would have executed him on the spot.

The crime" any Republican is naturally guilty of is not being on their side and the punishment is destruction. Theyll figure out a reason for that destruction later.

Nearly two years and $25 million dollars spent thoroughly combing through everything Trump related coming up empty isnt going to prevent them from their dream of destroying the man who beat Hillary Clinton. Theyre still insisting Russian collusion happened and they never stopped demanding that Donald Trump obstructed justice.

Robert Mueller no Trump fan found there was no collusion but dreams die hard. He was more ambiguous on obstruction leaving that to the Attorney General. William Barr after a pow-wow with his top advisors concluded that did not happen either. But Democrats insist it did.

Leftists insist mean tweets about Mueller are somehow obstruction. They are certain that telling a staffer to have Mueller fired a right the president has then not following up on it when it didnt happen is the same as setting fire to evidence.

Youd think if the president wanted someone fired on say a Tuesday and hed given that order by that Friday he might notice that the order wasnt carried out. If hed meant it thered likely be a second conversation something along the lines of Hey I cant help but notice that the guy I told you to fire hasnt been fired. What gives?" But that did not happen. So how does that qualify as obstruction of justice?

As weak as the case would be there is no crime of attempted obstruction of justice" only obstruction of justice. Its not like attempted murder where someone tried and failed to kill someone you either obstruct justice or you do not.

Growing up I know I drove my parents nuts. And I knew it at the time. I can guarantee you there were times they particularly my mother said to someone I could kill that kid." Its natural. Its also not attempted murder.

People say things especially when angry without ever acting on them. Donald Trump may well have told people to have Robert Mueller fired but he didnt act on it he didnt follow through on it. Mueller was able to complete his investigation which he could have dragged out as long as he wanted without interference and with complete cooperation from the White House. If that is obstruction every dictionary needs to be rewritten.

Yet Democrats insist it is.

Moreover they want to dig deeper. You can tell they know the weakness of their case by the fact that theyre desperate to find anything else.

They want 10 years of tax and business records to see if the President may have broken any laws. Thats the job of the IRS which has been auditing Trump for decades and charged him with nothing. But Democrats no longer control the IRS they cant use it as a weapon against him like Obama did to his opponents so they dont trust it because it hasnt come up with the results they want.

Theyre looking at impeachment in search of a reason like a mob in search of a crime. Thats not how our criminal justice or even political system works. Investigations are launched when a crime has occurred they arent launched to find a crime. They arent launched to justify an outcome.

There is no human being in the country whose every move has been scrutinized more than Donald Trump and theyve come up empty. There are book deals speaking fees movie deals and the undying love and devotion of every liberal in the country awaiting anyone with evidence that Donald Trump has broken the law and no one has come forward.

There are lots of people who dont like him millions who would love to see him destroyed but no one has come forward to claim the prize. That cant be by accident.

Democrats wont stop they cant stop promises have been made and the alternative would be to run against the strongest economy in a generation. They cant compete with that so an alternative had to be found.

Yes impeachment as has often been said is a political act but it shouldnt be a political weapon. Its all Democrats have however so they arent about to let the lack of a reason for it stand in their way.

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