Democrats Demonize Every Trump Voter as Deplorable but Will It Change Their Votes?

It is not rational or healthy but intimidation may be all the Democrats have

By Miranda Devine


This is the new normal for Democrats: If you disagree with their agenda to remake American history and our culture youre a deplorable a bigot a racist a white supremacist and any retaliation is acceptable. Think Im over-exaggerating?

You may have heard in the past week that Universal Studios after the nation suffered two mass shootings over one weekend decided at the last minute to cancel the release of its violent new film called The Hunt... where jet-setting liberal elites live out their (ultimate) fantasy of hunting down conservatives like vermin.

Theyre not human beings" the Hillary Swank character says at one point according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Originally titled Red State vs. Blue State" the R-rated massacre movie called The Hunt" is a sign of where irrational Trump hatred has taken us.

And its what the left is doing in real life theyre dehumanizing their opponents and trying to incite violence against them.

You have to wonder what twisted minds would dream up such liberal filth but for now the fact that such a film was even was made shows weve reached a dangerous new point in our political culture.

width=340Almost 63 million Americans voted for Trump in part because they reject the leftist project to remake their history and their culture.

The presidents detractors have tried for almost three years to break him. Russia didnt work Stormy didnt work. Impeachment wont work.

It doesnt matter whether any of it was ever true or not. Truth is whatever version of reality best suits your purpose.

Theyve smeared his wife his kids. They call him a fat slob a psychopath and a Russian agent.

Theyve used the most violent rhetoric imaginable from Madonna thinking about blowing up the White House to Kathy Griffin posing with severed fake Trump head to Robert De Niro wanting to punch Trump in the face.

But nothing works. The more they abuse him the more he relishes baiting them. He is impervious to their attacks and his approval ratings havent budged.

So they have gone berserk First projected their own murderous thoughts onto Trump (blaming him for the recent El Paso and Dayton massacres) while in the next breath issuing death threats against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell:

Just stab the motherfker in the heart" said one charming protester on the lawn outside his house last weekend.

For Trump haters the means justify the ends and everyone knows that removing the president from public life is the only end worth pursuing no matter how foul the means.


The real coarsening of American life comes not from a president who tweets low barbs at his enemies 24/7 it comes from his opponents who have broken every rule of truth and fair play in politics and journalism.

So unscrupulous are they in their blinkered hunt for Trumps scalp that they dont care if the lies they tell endanger people and deepen the divisions in the country even while they lament the coarsening of the political debate.

Now having failed in their pursuit of Trump theyre coming after anyone who supports him. Its demonization by association.

When Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro published a hit list of 44 Trump donors on Twitter last week he knew exactly what he was doing. With the approval of his brother 2020 Democratic candidate Julin Castro he knew that the outcome would be a Twitter mob intimidating and abusing those innocent people bombarding them with hateful phone calls boycotting their businesses and potentially committing violence against them.

In a country where guns are plentiful and emotions are high why would you risk that unless you regarded your political opponents as vermin?

It is not rational or healthy to imagine you can intimidate them into not voting for him in 2020.

But that is all the Democrats have.

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