El Conservador - Federal Appeals Court Rules DOJ Can Punish Sanctuary Cities

By George Rodriguez, El Conservador

Federal Appeals Court Rules DOJ Can Punish Sanctuary Cities - 

In a tremendous victory for the Trump Administration and immigration law enforcement, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Wednesday, Feb. 26 that the Justice Department has the power under the law to withhold federal grant money from sanctuary communities that refuse to share information and cooperate with ICE. The decision by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals stands in contrast to rulings by several other courts and could make the sanctuary issue ripe for a Supreme Court challenge.

Judge Reena Raggi, a Bush appointee to the 2nd Circuit, said jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate are ignoring federal law, and yet were begging for federal money. She pointed out that the Trump administration’s stance is not new, and that the Obama administration began to take similar steps at the end of its tenure.

The Obama administration also routinely threatened to withhold federal money from any local school district or state that ignored its directives on sex-same bathrooms or other priorities.

Judge Raggi wrote in the opinion for the three-judge panel, “There is something disquieting in the idea of states and localities seeking federal funds to enforce their own laws while themselves hampering the enforcement of federal laws, or worse, violating those laws.”

Because there have been so many differing opinions by lower courts that support sanctuary governments, this matter will probably be decided by the Supreme Court soon. That decision will have a significant impact on communities that encourage and justify illegal immigration.

No one individual or government is above the law nor has the right to pick and choose which laws they will obey and ignore. If someone does not like a law, there is a legal and lawful process to change it.

Liberal politicians, community leaders, and news media will probably continue resisting immigration law enforcement, but this ruling helps to clear the air about the sanctuary issue. What part of the word ILLEGAL don’t some people understand regarding immigration?