Elizabeth Warren: Medicare for All Covers Everyone Regardless of Immigration Status

Yale & MITs conservative estimate" says between 16.7 to 22.1 million Illegal Immigrants in U.S. today

WASHINGTON D.C. (Texas Insider Report) Medicare for All as I put this together covers everyone regardless of immigration status and thats it" said Democrat presidential contender Elizabeth Warren during a forum hosted by the El Chisme Latinx organization.

width=317But Warrens Medicare for All plan has come under attack from her fellow Democrats this month as Joe Biden and others have increasingly pointed out her plan will raise taxes on the middle class.

Bidens campaign has said that Warren has been low-balling the cost" of her Medicare for All plan calling  middle class tax increases inevitable."

While the U.S. government and several outside groups have traditionally estimated that the number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. numbered around 11 or 12 million recent MIT and Yale University figures released in September 2018 showed a more conservative estimate" would number somewhere between 16.7 million in 2016 with an average simulation of 22.1 million.

And as reported by the Washington Post Emory Universitys Health Policy Department chairman Kenneth Thorpe has said that Warrens plan as well as the other Democrats Medicare for All plans will hit the middle class.

Theres no question it hits the middle class" he said.


The U.S. may have double the number of undocumented immigrants as commonly estimated according to the Yale & MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) study that has further fueled the debate over one of the nations most politically charged topics.

Senator Warren has spent months dodging questions about how shed need to raise taxes on the American middle class in order to pay for her single payer health care plan and on Friday she confirmed why: because it would" said Bidens campaign.

And Warrens Medicare for All plan would also repeal President Trumps signature Tax Cuts & Jobs Act noted Americans for Tax Reform which would come with guaranteed tax increase for middle class Americans.

Even Bernie Sanders who wrote the damn bill" as he likes to say admits that middle class taxes would go up under the Democrats Medicare for All plans.

Yeah wed have to raise taxes on the middle class Sanders told a CNN reporter shortly after the Democrats July debate.


Senator Warren has continuously dodged the middle class tax question and tried to dodge it for a total of 28 times as Americans for Tax Reform has documented.

The El Chisme organization is hosting a one-on-one series of Latinx community conversations with the 2020 Democrat presidential contenders throughout the fall of 2019.

Held at various locations across the country the events will be live-streamed via an exclusive digital partnership with NowThis.

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