ERINAKES; Why The Gap Between Legislator's Words, and Actions in Austin

"I worry for the Republicans in our Texas State Legislature... especially when it comes to the issue of Property Taxes."

By David Erinakes

AUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) — 
Shortly before he passed away, State Representative Flynn and I went to Washington, D.C. to meet with some Congressmen and Texans that really cared about our country. Their thoughts were exactly as we would have wanted them to be – but the question none could answer was, why is it that there's such a gap between legislator's words, and the communications sent out by the Republican Party?

What we heard expressed and showed a lot of frustration as to why the message was not getting through to, and pentrating with the American public. Clearly the results of last November's Election proved that the messages they were trying to transmit were not being get heard by the voters.

An easy answer to this conundrum is that all the messaging is coming from powerful lobbying groups, or consultants, or that get the party's marketing dollars, weren't being used efficiently – all of which means we end up with fancy and high-paid lobbying lines being used, instead of the Republican Party's more grass-root oriented message.

Simply put by Chairman Flynn (right,) if they'd have hired those of us who represent Middle America to broadcast the specifics of our message, wouldn’t that have resulted in a more penetrating and effective message to the American Public?

I now have the same worry for the Republicans in our Texas State Legislature... especially when it comes to the issue of Property Taxes.

Yes, you have some good bills, but the language of the bills takes a Ph.d to understand – and the messaging is terrible.

For instance, in regards the current Special Session of the State Legislature, if the appraisal value on my home went up $200,000 in one year – which it did – what part of Republican's message are Texans going to listen to?

Texas Republicans have just left a Regular 2023 Legislative Session, and are now in the midst of "Special Session #1," not having passed what was asked for – and they're thus receiving virtually zero credit on taxes because of voter's desire for a action on appraisal freeze.

Simply put, could there be a freeze on homeowner's appraisals at 2021 levels – which would allow that freeze to be in place for 3 years – and then and then only allow them to increase at the rate of population growth plus inflation?

Before you ask... yes, that would mean less money for the various local taxing entities lice School Districts, unless they went to the voters who most likely would give them a hard no. But, that would also mean that for the first time in decades, those local taxing entiy's budgets would have to be cut, just as voters told you they wanted.

Texans are waiting at their homes for you legislators to act on this issue, and they aren’t happy.

As my dear friend Chairman Dan Flynn liked to say; "Which solution would you rather explain?"

David Erinakes formerly worked in the Texas Legislature, and is Chief Executive Officer of The E Development Companies.