Gallup Poll: Americans Believe Race Relations have Improved Under President Trump

"Let's put away the Racial Grievance Industry and focus on how we all can achieve and succeed."

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Texas Insider Report) — "Policies that are good for America, that rely on free enterprise, lead to less envy and less hostility. Policies that do the opposite lead to greater hate, lead to greater envy, and lead to the kind of disagreement that we saw certainly during eight years of President Barack Obama," said Horace Cooper, co-chairman of Project 21 Black Leadership Network, in response to a new Gallup Poll showing many Americans feel race relations have been much better under President Donald Trump than they were under his predecessor, Barack Obama.

In the area of Race Relations, satisfaction went from 22% in January 2017 when Trump took office, to 36% in January 2020 – an increase of 14%.

Two key issues that showed a notable 9% improvement in the Gallup Poll since January 2017 were:
  1. "The nation's policies to reduce or control crime," and
  2. "The position of blacks and other racial minorities in the nation."
Cooper argues these areas of Americans' satisfaction will become even more obvious on Election Day.
"These results will come as a shock to the left. This will surprise the media.

"But, this means a lot of Americans are going to turn around and say, 'Let's put away the Socialism. Let's put away the Racial Grievance Industry. And, let's focus on how we all can achieve and succeed,'" said Cooper (right.)

Results of the Gallup Poll found that after three years of President Donald Trump, Americans are far more satisfied with the state of the economy, security from terrorism, military strength, and race relations than during the final months of the Obama administration.

In fact, the survey found that Americans' satisfaction with those key issues has increased by double digits during the Trump presidency:
  • The Economy – satisfaction up 22% (Jan. 2017, 46% - Jan 2020, 68%)
  • Security from Terrorism – satisfaction up 18% (50% vs. 68%)
  • Military Strength & Preparedness – satisfaction up 15% (66% vs. 81%)
Mr. Cooper is author of the new book "How Trump is Making Black America Great Again."