Gov. Abbott Condemns President Biden’s Feckless 'New' Border Proposals

"Operation Lone Star is working, and President Biden would do well to follow our lead, or get out of the way.”
Governor Greg Abbott

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas "President Biden inherited the most secure border, with the lowest illegal immigration since last century. With the stroke of a pen, he proudly ended those secure border policies and opened the border to over 11 million illegal immigrants from more than 150 different countries – including known terrorists, murderers & rapists. Now, desperately grasping to salvage his failed presidency, he attempts the most minimal action possible, hoping to mask the crisis he created," said Gov. Greg Abbott, following the new proposals announced by President Joe Biden's Department of Homeland Security to address the historic levels of illegal immigrants entering our country at the Southern Border.
"To be clear, President Biden’s feckless proposals – which he could have done years ago – do nothing to slow the record-breaking illegal immigration.

"Most notably, President Biden sidesteps actually enforcing the laws already enacted by Congress.

"President Biden is not just authorized – he is required to deny illegal entry, detain illegal immigrants, and build border barriers," said Abbott.
"Maybe worse, President Biden attacks Texas for simply doing what Congress compelled him to do. Texas is building a border wall, installing hundreds of miles of razor wire and buoy barriers, and deploying thousands of Texas National Guard soldiers and Department of Public Safety troopers.

"Our efforts have led to a substantial decline in illegal immigration into Texas while it remains on the rise in other border states.

"Operation Lone Star is working, and President Biden would do well to follow our lead – or get out of the way,” Abbott said.