The Left’s Newest Catch-Phrase? Here's the Next Word-Play Designed to Turn Americans Against Each Other

"CHRISTIAN NATIONALISM" is the Left's next Anti-American Attack Phrase

By Cheryl Chumley

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Texas Insider Report) — Want to know what the left’s next go-to weapon for taking down limited government conservatives, patriots, Donald Trump supporters and Americans who understand the founding roots of America might be? What might be the left’s next go-to weapon for taking down the nation whose founding rests on the concept of individual and human rights coming from God — and not from government.

The New York Times just published an opinion piece titled, “The Capitol Insurrection Was as Christian Nationalist as It Gets.”

Nice try.
It’s that “not government” part that gets and has the Democrats’ panties in a bind. Anything that degrades government’s influence, including God – especially God – is the enemy in "the left’s" mind.

The left, the "progressive" left, the "Democrat-Socialist" left, the "Democrat" left, the "Socialist" left, the "Marxist" left, the "Communist" left – they’re all the same; they’re all part and parcel of the same package.

And it’s a package that is labeled with this one word: globalist.
"The Left" is on a wild warpath to strip America of all that makes it great.

That begins with the degrading and questioning of the most noble elements of our nation's history. Then, it moves on to the brilliant creation called the Constitution. And finally, it finishes with an utter collapse of godly governance.

That all requires the removal of the idea that individuals are bestowed at birth with certain unalienable rights;

That requires the rewriting of core American truths that the Constitution states are there to protect those individual rights – not to give government various opportunities to strip those individual rights.

The left is very clever at using rhetoric to disguise its end game. That’s why neither Hillary Clinton nor Debbie Wasserman Schultz could provide MSNBC host Chris Matthews with a proper clarification of the differences between "Democrat" and "Democrat-Socialism" – or even between Democrat and Socialist – when asked several years ago in widely played media spots.
The left – and all its various parts or evangelists – knows there is no difference.

The left also knows it just doesn’t want you to know there is no difference.

Why? Because if you know there is a difference, you might start to get the sneaking suspicion that the left’s love of socialism is rooted not in love of country, but in power – and that the left’s soft sell of "Democrat-Socialism" in United States politics is really a frog-in-the-boiling-water way of ushering in an utter elitist squashing our individual liberties.

Its an utter anti-American system of top-down, global governance where only a few carefully selected get to live free... and also, get to rule free.

So here comes the left’s newest phrase: "Christian Nationalism". Its the left’s latest play to turn good to bad, virtuous to evil.
What’s wrong with Christian Nationalism? What’s hateful and intolerant and aggressive and hostile and angry about Christian Nationalism?

Nothing. Nothing at all – until, that is, the left takes the phrase, twists it, turns it, squeezes it, and spits it out so that it becomes something dirty, something tainted, something dark.

Don’t let the left redefine this phrase.

Christian Nationalism is all about our Founding Father's visions for this country:
  • The Ones that Say our guiding principles are those rooted in Christianity;
  • The Ones that Say America is indeed exceptional, because America was indeed blessed by God at the beginning;
  • The Ones that Say this country did indeed have a covenant with God, called the Mayflower Compact;
  • The Ones that Say it’s this basic beginning that led to all the greatness that America was, is, and truly will be.
So long as we don’t let the left corrupt a phrase that describes all that’s blessed about America.

So long as we don’t let the socialists and collectivists and globalists convince us that patriotism is divisive – or Christianity, intolerant.

So long as we don’t let the left turn Christianity and patriotism – of love of God and country –  into something shameful and wrong.

So long as we don’t cast our pearls before the swine.

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