High Grocery & Gas Prices? What Inflation? Crime? What Crime? And a #BidenBorderCrisis?

This Election is about inflation, prices at the gas pump, and grocery prices hurting American's Families

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Texas Insider Report) — Facing skyrocketing inflation at the grocery store and gas pumps, exploding crime rates, unaffordable housing and food prices, a porous southern border that's hopelessly out of control, and drag-queen shows or "critical race theory" in Elementary School – not to mention escalating signs of impending recession with spiraling interest rates, America's "Undecideds" –  who tend to stop posting on Instagram to pay attention to elections only in the last 10 days before voting – now are breaking Republican as they inform themselves of the stakes and the costs of this year's election.

This November is about inflation, prices at the gas pump, baby formula shortages impacting tykes not aborted, and the "Defunding the Police" crime explosion from liberal-Soros-sponsored district attorneys dispensing with bail and setting violent criminals loose as soon as the police arrest them.

It will be about securing a porous southern border that has seen a record two million-plus illegal crossings already this year – a phenomenon deeply opposed by even  Hispanic Americans who are sick of it, the crime that illegal immigration brings into their neighborhoods – and the crushing negative impact it has on suppressing their wages.
And perhaps most importantly, for Independent Suburban Women Voters – once called “Soccer Moms” but more recently known as "Momma Bears" – this election is not about abortions. They chose to have their kids, and few – if any of them – would risk delaying an abortion until after 15 weeks.

Instead, they have to fill up their gas tanks to drive their kids to soccer, school or the dentist, they have to buy food at the supermarket, where they all-too-often know their children's baby formula is made not in the Good Old USA, but iis mported from Europe!

Cars are costing twice what they should – between supply shortages and computer chip shortages, there are multi-year waiting lists because of car shortages in this land of plenty.

Those trying to enter the housing market face insanely high and rising mortgage rates. Those already in houses purchased with ARMs – adjustable rate, rather than fixed mortgages – are being priced out of their own homes only to find home rental prices are exploding through the roofs as interest rates move ever-higher to control the Democrats’ inflation policies.

And wait til they start getting their winter gas and electric home-heating bills!

Joe Biden's plea for more Arab sheikhdom dirty oil, produced by tyrannical Muslim extremists who tolerate slavery within their borders, replaces plentifully available American energy?

And, as a bonus to the insanity, the Arab Muslim cartel announces they'll reduce their oil production to raise our prices – and why not? – driving the fools in the Biden White House to react by emptying out our National Emergency Petroleum Reserve Savings Account.

Amid all this, parents of public schoolers are in a panic over what's being taught to their kids in the classroom because it comes at the cost of precious class hours in each school day – hours that traditionally have been spent teaching math, reading, spelling, literature, honest history, and honest science – so children now can learn that "gender dysphoria" is really just healthy "transgenderism."

And if any kids would like to pursue a "sex change" operation, just let us know after class and we can direct you to “medical professionals” who will help you cut off your male organ or female breasts and condemn you to severe medications for life.

And don’t worry, kids. We won’t tell your parents.

Biden promised to govern as a moderate liberal, a unifier from near the center, but instead he has been more radical than Obama ever dared – including:
  • A Vice President who is a joke, the result of having risen in California politics as a married political power broker’s very public consort, not as a gifted leader or thinker, and
  • A Press Spokeswoman who is positioned way above her pay grade and reads her answers out of a notebook because she dares not think on her feet with television cameras rolling.
Along the way, Biden has become the divider-in-chief, even going so far as to try and defame many of his fellow Americans as closet "fascists."

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi's big brilliant and wonderful strategy has been to try and bury Republicans by conducting her 3rd Trump Impeachment in three years – the latest version being the Jan. 6th Committee. After some mild curiosity and interest among political junkies to watch its professionally staged opening session, she lost the country’s interest. No one – other than the left-wing media outlets at ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post – cares about it one wit.

The country is in a mess.

And finally, Republicans who were at one point displeased with their party’s candidates are now coalescing to hold their noses and vote GOP anyway because the alternatives – the likes of Pennsylvania's John Fetterman and Georgia's Sen. Raphael Warnock – are so much worse that the prospect of voting Democrats any longer is beyond consideration.