Hispanic Community has Made Historic Gains During Trumps Tenure

Hispanic Americans are responding to the overwhelmingly positive economic results of the Trump Administration

By Ronna McDaniel


WASHINGTON D.C. (Texas Insider Report) Republican National Committee data shows President Donald Trumps approval ratings among Hispanic Americans in Texas has increased by 20 since 2016 which translates to nearly 1 million new Hispanic supporters. This may surprise Democrats who have taken for granted Hispanic votes for far too long but Hispanic Americans are responding to the results of this administration.

Democrats out-of-touch radicalism was on full display yet again recently in Houston Texas where despite the fact that their Democrat Presidential Debate was taking place in the Energy Capital of the World the Democrats 2020 Presidential Candidates argued in favor of policies that would kill energy industry jobs.

and they did the same thing during a previous Democrat Debate in Detroit our countrys automotive and manufacturing hub where they presented no plans to help our manufacturing industry.

In Miami home to countless victims of socialism they openly embraced the policies local Hispanic communities sacrificed so much to flee.

While Democrat candidates remain oblivious and out of touch Americans especially in Texas are taking note of the positive impact that President Trump and Republicans pro-growth pro-business policies are having on American families and businesses.

The Hispanic community has made historic gains under the Trump administration.

width=244Thanks to this Presidents policies:

  • Hispanic unemployment has reached historic lows and families across the country are enjoying a tax cut.
  • Hispanic-owned businesses are growing rapidly more than twice the rate of all businesses since 2012.
  • Millions of Hispanic-owned businesses account for over $700 billion in our economy every year.
  • Hispanic women-owned businesses are the fastest growing business segment in the country.

Meanwhile President Trump continues to fight for ratification of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement (USMCA) which will create jobs here at home and support American workers and industries.

It is no coincidence that our businesses are growing entire industries are being revived and consumer confidence is at its highest level in 19 years.

These are just a few of the historic gains the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates want to eliminate with their promises to raise taxes on all Americans and cripple our industries.


Its not lost on Texas voters including Hispanic Texans that Democrats continue to move farther to the left in support of socialist policies like single-payer health care a Green New Deal and a total government takeover of our lives all of which would harm our communities and send our country backward.

Democrats are oblivious to the realities of the communities they claim to care about.

  • They pander to Hispanic voters but ignore the issues Hispanic Americans care about like President Trumps defense of religious freedom and the sanctity of life.
  • Democrats dont want to admit the fact that Hispanic communities appreciate President Trumps commitment to keeping every American safe through border security and strengthening the rule of law.
  • They dont want voters to notice that while they preach dependence this administration empowers and supports individuals workers and families to achieve their American dreams.

The 2020 presidential election is a choice between President Trumps Opportunity Agenda and the Democrats Socialist Experiment that has failed every time it was forced upon communities around the world.

Texas voters know there is only one choice in 2020 that will prevent socialism from ever wreaking havoc in our country and instead keep our country on the path to a better and brighter future: President Donald Trump.


Ronna McDaniel chairwoman of the Republican National Committee is the 2nd woman ever elected Chair of the RNC. She was elected as the State Chairman from Michigan in February of 2015.

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