Hold the Pulitzers

By Ann Coulter

The only people surprised that the special counsels investigation of Russian collusion did not confirm a lunatic conspiracy theory are consumers of the modern American media. For two years our constitutionally protected guardians of the truth put out a stream of misinformation promising viewers that Robert Mueller was going to reverse the outcome of the 2016 election.

Everyone at fake news MSNBC marginally less fake news NBC and totally fake news CNN -- hosts guests legal experts and national security analysts -- should be told Clean out your lockers. Put all your things in cardboard cartons. If you need to go back you will be escorted by security.

Instead they are adamantly refusing to take back their years of lies about Trump and Russian collusion. This is not a time to let bygones by bygones. The boot should not be lifted from the medias throat.

In case youve forgotten what needs to be taken back here is a random selection from a single network for simplicity:

Hi Nicolle and if it is Monday the Russian conspiracy is so much worse than we knew ... The Russian conspiracy to help get Donald Trump elected was apparently wider deeper dirtier more sophisticated and more pervasive than we thought.

-- Katy Tur MSNBC Dec. 17 2018

Well this demonstrates that Robert Mueller is focusing on exactly what he is supposed to be focusing on and that is Russia ... We already have clear evidence of collaboration between the Trump campaign and Russian agents.

-- Richard Painter lawyer MSNBC May 1 2018

You see all of these Russian connections -- theres a new one every single day and increasingly benign explanations for what the Trump for what theyre up to benign explanations are just not credible.

-- Max Boot warmonger MSNBC July 21 2017

We have the most immoral president perhaps in American history particularly because of the foreign influence of Russia ... it is hard to believe that a prosecutor of Muellers testing and experience would come to the end of this and not have something to say about these terrible offenses.

-- John Flannery lawyer MSNBC March 18 2019

Ill tell you something if (Russias inside man is) not George Papadopoulos then weve got a mystery person inside the Trump campaign who theoretically could still be in place.

-- Frank Figliuzzi former assistant director for counterintelligence FBI MSNBC Jan. 9 2018

I believe that what we have here is a very broad-based criminal conspiracy. ... And Donald Trump is a walking example of how any intelligence officer can turn someone against their own nation. As John Brennan said most of the time they dont even know that theyre committing treason.

-- Malcolm Nance counterterrorism intel analyst MSNBC Nov. 30 2018

This is the linkage between Donald Trump and Russia in crimes.

-- Jill Wine-Banks assistant Watergate prosecutor MSNBC Dec. 7 2018

Its going to be so clear that this has been a criminal enterprise from day one with the Russians and Trump ...

-- Rep. Steve Cohen MSNBC Dec. 7 2018

Were these gun rights folks potentially a conduit for Russian money alongside other forms of Russian government influence on our 2016 campaign?

-- Rachel Maddow MSNBC July 25 2018

And what about Trumps ringleadership of his people including family members and their efforts to win this award of a foreign power Russia to win the presidency?

-- Chris Matthews MSNBC March 8 2019

And the Russians investment in (Trump) goes back decades. ... It may have been the situation where (Trump) decided look what Russia is giving us in terms of political help here and undermining Hillary Clintons candidacy may be way bigger than any deal we could ever get in Russia.

-- Natasha Bertrand The Atlantic MSNBC Nov. 30 2018

So with this whole real estate deal and the claws that the Russians had into (Cohen) and what he was doing with that in terms of dealing with the Russians was all part and parcel of this conspiracy that resulted in their assistance in the campaign.

-- Nick Akerman assistant Watergate prosecutor MSNBC Nov. 30 2018

An American president who has been compromised by the Russians faces the world.

-- Chris Hayes MSNBC Nov. 30 2018

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