CONG. FALLON: Is Joe Biden Abandoning Israel? Will Iran & China Take Notice?

Is Joe Biden Abandoning Our Middle East Ally?

By Cong. Pat Fallon

Texas Insider Report: (WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Last week, the world witnessed a coordinated effort between Joe Biden’s State Department and the Department of Defense to withhold key munitions to Israel. Biden’s White House made the decision unilaterally, without any proper notification to other stakeholders–specifically the American people’s elected representatives in Congress. 
The Biden Administration did this to “send a political message” to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he moves forward with the IDF’s planned offensive into Hamas’ stronghold, the city of Rafah. 

The fact still stands that Mr. Biden is once again ruling by decree.

This isn’t just bad policy, it's a pattern.

I believe he is ignoring the will of Congress and the rule of law itself–the very bedrock of our Republic. 

By acting unilaterally and ignoring Congress, Biden is sending a message that the U.S. simply cannot be trusted. This is bad for our relationship with Israel, and leaves them in a potentially vulnerable position against Hamas and Iranian terrorist proxies.
Looking at the big picture, will Iran and even China take this as the latest indicator that the United States' word means nothing? 

This Week in Washington:

The House returns again this week to consider passage of the 2024 FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Re-Authorization Bill. And, also of note:
  • Last week, the House passed my bill that codifies "special district" into federal law and grants these municipalities access to federal funding.
  • There are more than 3,000 special districts in Texas, which administer vital tasks such as fire control and ambulance services.
  • The House's passage of this bill is a major victory for rural communities in our district and across America.
  • Last week, I introduced a bill that requires American high schools that receive federal funding to allow military recruiters access to their campuses.
  • With the recruiting crisis facing our military, and as an Air Force Veteran myself, I see it as Congress' duty to ensure that young Americans continue to have every opportunity to pursue a career in our Armed Forces.
Congressman Pat Fallon has previously represented North Texans in the Texas Legislature, and now proudly serves as the Congressman for Texas’ 4th Congressional District, where he serves over 700,000 great American “bosses”.

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