CONG. FALLON: House Republicans Stand With Our Vets, and Move to Back Israel

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to our offices for assistance with anything related to veterans benefits or the Department of Veterans Affairs

By Cong. Pat Fallon

Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON, D.C. – Last week, our new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson of Louisiana, immediately hit the ground running. He brought to the floor a resolution condemning the Hamas terror attack and supporting Israel, which passed with a large bipartisan vote. The House also passed a supplemental appropriations bill to provide support for Israel’s military. This bill will reinforce Israel’s Iron Dome and David’s Sling missile defense systems. Importantly, this bill does not call for deploying the United States military to Israel.

The ongoing conflict in the Middle East is horrible, and I stand with our ally, Israel, the only true democracy in the region. I will continue to support sending military aid to Israel in the form of weapons and supplies. Still, this is Israel’s fight to undertake, and there is no need to deploy American boots on the ground. 
Regardless, a government shutdown looms. Congress has until November 17th to either fully fund the government or pass a Concurrent Resolution (CR) to ensure funding until a later date. 

In order to avoid a shutdown, the House must pass all 12 of the separate appropriations bills. We have currently passed seven, and I expect we will pass more in the coming days. 

Among those already passed is the Defense Appropriations Act, which concerns everything related to the Department of Defense and therefore our military. As part of the final bill the House passed, I helped include $115 million for the Humvee retrofit upgrade program at Red River Army Depot within Texas’ th District. This is a critical program that helps retrofit existing Humvees to prevent future rollover accidents that continue to claim the lives of American soldiers.

Red River Army Depot is well equipped to retrofit the Army's Humvee fleet in an efficient manner and create and maintain jobs for Texas' Fourth District in the process.

I want to extend my personal gratitude to all of Texas' veterans who have served our great nation. It is clear that there is nothing more important to the continued freedom, greatness, and prosperity of our country than our nation's veterans.

Capitol Hill Update

House Censures Member: You may have seen that the House passed a resolution censuring one of my colleagues. This is historic. I was proud to support this resolution, in response to the Member’s continued anti-Israel comments and actions regarding the war in Israel. You can find a video of my floor remarks HERE.

Insider Trading Prevention Act: Last week, I introduced a bill to hold bad actors responsible and prevent Members of Congress from getting rich through their positions of power. My bill would not only root out conflicts of interest, but it will also deter future violations through strong enforcement provisions. Specifically, my bill would:
  • Prohibit members from trading any individually listed stocks and requires significant fines for noncompliance.
  • Prohibit trading of a covered financial instrument by a Member of Congress or their spouse.
  • Create fines equal to the price of the trade or $25,000, whichever is greater, per violation.
I will always demand more accountability and transparency from those who represent you, the American people in Washington, D.C.

District Spotlight: Veterans Commendation Program Award Ceremony

This Friday, November 10th, it's my honor to participate in an awards ceremony for the Congressional Veterans Commendation program. The 20 recipients will be honored at Plano Flags of Honor, part of the Rotary Club of Plano East’s weeklong Veterans Day program.

The Congressional Veteran Commendation (CVC) program is nominations-based, and designed to recognize the sacrifices and devotion to serving our country offered by veterans within Texas’ Fourth Congressional District.
2023 Recipients:
Amy Burton of Lamar County
Blaine Klein of Collin County
Charles Russo of Rockwall County
Christopher Mote of Rockwall County
Douglas Compton of Rockwall County
Edward Meschko of Grayson County
Elishia Baxter of Denton County
George Wood of Lamar County
Herbert Rich of Hopkins County
James Cline of Collin County
James Laramore of Rockwall County
Johann Schrap of Rockwall County
John McDermott of Rockwall County
John Oeste of Collin County
Kelvin Hicks of Lamar County
Michael Cates of Collin County
Michael DeHaven of Grayson County
Robert Ladd of Grayson County
Stephen Lunsford of Rockwall County
William Anderson of Grayson County

Texas Veterans Resolution:

In the lead up to Veterans Day 2023, I introduced a resolution that highlights the makeup of veterans in Texas, information relating to those who have served and died in the various wars, recognizes the countless VA medical and health facilities in the state, and acknowledges the challenges veterans are facing in housing, health, and transition to civilian life.
  • Text of the resolution can be found, here
As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to our offices for assistance with anything related to veterans benefits or the Department of Veterans Affairs.

You can count on me to continue to fight tooth and nail for our veterans, just like they fought for us.

Congressman Pat Fallon has previously represented North Texans in the Texas Legislature, and now proudly serves as the Congressman for Texas’ 4th Congressional District, where he serves over 700,000 great American “bosses”.

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