How to Neutralize the Campus Communists

By Kurt Schlichter
You may have noticed the campus communist uprisings are fading into the background, at least for the moment. It was pretty clear that the entitled – and universally ugly – spoiled mutants (and their professional cadre organizers) were starting to get on the collective nerves of normal Americans, plus the Biden clique was already committing to betraying Israel in favor of the terrorists. The regime media has dialed it down as they served their purpose.

But don’t worry – they will be back. Even when the protest tactics – encampments, blocking freeways, rioting – become counterproductive, they are still fun for the participants. Chicago is going to be lit. Remember, the majority of these freaks are part of this garbage movement because they are friendless losers, especially the chicks – no man wants them, and so they cosplay as ISIS brides for a while before graduating with their Feminist Studies degrees and beginning their long journey toward inevitably dying alone in their one-bedroom apartment while reading a Toni Morrison book and then being eaten by their cats Marx and Engels as a Taylor Swift song plays on an endless loop.

Remember that all this protest crap is an information operation, not a kinetic one. That means they are trying to effect change by affecting us and making us do what they want. They sure can’t force us to do anything. Even when they do damage, the message is the effect, not the damage. They want to demonstrate that the authorities have no power, that their faction can do as it pleases, but also that they are victims of the fascist regime. It’s amusing to see liberal wine women administrators at the University of College painted as Franco or Pinochet, but that’s part of the scam. The commies are both victims and victors simultaneously – they embrace the identity they need to sway the weak-minded into surrender or submission.

Our minds are the targets, and sadly, too many Americans are vulnerable to this manipulation. Why? First, the regime media sympathizes with them and will always depict these creeps in the most favorable light. Or no light at all – when the communists get too obnoxious and start getting on the general public’s nerves, the regime media will (as it is doing now) cut the coverage even though the camps are still there. The communists have a huge edge with their alliance with the regime media – it is essential to their success. That’s why they hate hate hate the conservative media that gets out there and exposes the truth about these Marxist minions.

They also have the advantage of understanding how to appeal to the cultural vulnerabilities of Americans. Americans like to be nice and default to assuming the other guy is nice even when that’s not true. They are sympathetic, and some even care when cops drag these mutts away. They take others’ good faith for granted far too often, even when painful experience teaches the need for cynicism. These communists are actively supporting mass-murdering Third World Islamic terrorists. You have Becky and Ashleigh from the suburbs out there with their stupid keffiyehs and their “Queers for Palestine” signs chanting slogans about killing all the Jews. These are bad people, evil people who are our enemies. 

But far too many Americans will write this off as merely “caring too much.” See, it’s all about the Palestinian children. Baloney. It’s about wiping out Israel and then wiping out us. As for the hypocrisy of it, another advantage is that they are immune to irony. The “Jews for Palestine” people do not care that Hamas would butcher them in a heartbeat. The issue they are talking about is never the issue – not structural racism, climate change, or this Gaza stuff. It is all about moving the Marxist ball downfield. You cannot reason them out of it because reason does not matter – they don’t have to believe what they are saying because its objective truth or falsity is irrelevant.

Last, they understand and are trained to exploit normal people’s reactions. Normal people will try to reason. That’s why the commies scream and yell. It disorients normal people. The fat pink-haired pinko is not going to debate – xir is going to respond with screeching about genocide, not facts. You see it when the cops are dragging them off – little girls issuing a stream of vile obscenities and insisting they are being literally murdered. This is not normal – it freaks out the squares, and cops have to be trained not to slap them because that’s the normal reaction to someone having a hysterical freakout. Another tactic is to create uniforms and rank structures and demand we respect them – look at the organizers who wear reflective vests and insist that no one talk to anyone but them. These tactics are another way the enemy seeks an edge over regular folks.

But those advantages for our enemies are also potential weaknesses we can exploit to defeat them. The organizers understand that the homicidal sheep in their flock are morons working out their personal psychodramas and that they are vulnerable to us in a way the organizers are not. For instance, given the chance, the sheep will go off message and say the things that are not supposed to be spoken, like how all Americans are settlers and have to die. That’s great – these idiots talking like that can wake up the normals.

The sheep are also vulnerable to consequences. The organizers who come on campus don’t care, but the students sure do when it’s their degree or their future at stake. The campus administrators who have been most successful in nipping this crap in the bud are the ones who threatened expulsion, then followed through. It’s all fun and games until they kick your butt out – and it’s worse when video of you getting arrested gets immortalized online and jeopardizes your job prospects. Nine out of ten of these idiots are protest tourists just having fun – and we win when we impose consequences that make it not fun.
Another key is to be speedy and unreasonable. Move fast, and do not argue with them. When the nonsense starts, go full force immediately. If you do not, they build strength. Look at all their faculty supporters. Most were not out there on Day One. They waited and watched to see what would happen, and when the administrators dithered, the faculty joined in. Few faculty are going to risk their jobs. But if you are indecisive, consider “demands” and enter into “negotiations,” you have already lost. The authority must dictate from a position of strength, not beg their indulgence from a position of weakness. We see this works in the red states where the pipsqueaks tried this nonsense. Remember, they cannot force anyone to do anything; their sole power is to elicit a reaction that helps them. 

Now, the organizers are immune to those consequences. They go from cause to cause, organizing the sheep, not worrying about diplomas or resumes. Dealing with the pros requires something else – real prosecution, not the slap on the wrist stuff. There are plenty of state and federal laws that bar conspiracies to commit crimes, like burglary (taking over buildings) or civil rights violations (like banning Jews from campus spaces). Red state attorneys general should be filing charges; the statute of limitations will not have run when the Trump 2.0 Department of Justice takes over in January. As we’ve learned, we must prosecute these insurrectionists to the fullest extent of the law, right?

The way to defeat the campus commies is to implacably hold them to rigid standards and impose tough consequences upon their actions. Do not recognize them or their cause. Beating them requires ignoring their attempts to set the terms of engagement, whether it be ignoring their internal hierarchy, rejecting demands and negotiations, or ignoring the performative screaming and yelling. They get nothing – not deference, not respect, not even an opportunity to be heard. That’s how you beat them. And the authorities who fail to do this, who treat these communist kiddies as special snowflakes, will get broken and humiliated. The enemy feeds on weakness. The answer is simple – don’t be weak.

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