HURT: Democrats Issues and Their Chances Are Swirling in the Toilet

Democrats Candidates are fundamentally Un-serious People who constantly lie about everything

By Charles Hurt

The few sane Democrats still left in Washington DC are starting to sweat. Former Vice President Joseph Bidens chances of winning the Democratic nomination appear to be thinning faster than his head of hair. And they dont make hair plugs for that kind of problem.


Those same elders were hoping Mr. Biden would save their party from the army of kooky Bernie Sanders running this time around.

But it is worse than that. Even the best that the Democrats have to offer these days are fundamentally unserious people who constantly lie about everything.

One minute Mr. Bidens reminiscing about the good ol days when he got along so well with all the racist segregationist Democrats around here. Then he gets into strange arguments about federally forced busing because thats what the people are all talking about these days.

Next Mr. Biden is rambling on and on and on about how Russia is meddling in everybodys elections.

You think that would happen on my watch on Barack Obamas watch?" he asks one sympathetic interviewer.

You cant answer that but I promise you it wouldnt have and didnt."

Okaaaaaaaay. Only problem being that well the entire purpose of existence for the Democratic Party these past two years is that Russia supposedly DID meddle in U.S. elections under Mr. Obama and Mr. Bidens watch.

In fact according to all Democrats and most of the media that is the only reason former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election.


It really should be no surprise that Joe Biden is bad at this. After all he has been part of the problem around here for nearly a half-century. And he has been running for president pretty much the entire time.

Yet the closest he ever got to the White House was when he won the political lottery because Barack Obama needed an old white guy with thinning hair who had been around Washington forever.

Lucky for those few sane Democrats left their party remains the last party in America that gladly steals elections. In 2016 Vermont socialist Sen. Bernard Sanders was fiercely battling his way to the nomination until party elders stepped in and stole it from him so they could give it to Mrs. Clinton.

They look around and cast their gaze on people like Sen. Michael Bennett of Colorado who is one of the 425 Democrats running for president right now.

He was on Fox News Sunday" this week and accused President Trump of being at war with American tradition."

You mean like having a magnificent military air parade on the Fourth of July over the objections of everybody in all of Washington?

These people really suck the life and joy out of everything they touch. It is amazing.

We dont need a president who doesnt believe in the rule of law" Mr. Bennet continued.

We dont need a president who doesnt believe in freedom of press."

Where do these people come up with this wacky stuff?


I have literally never seen a freer press in my life. These people are free to print and broadcast literally anything they feel like and do! For two years they have been spinning fantasy tales about Russian hookers urinating on beds in Moscow hotel rooms.

And Mr. Trump somehow doesnt believe in the rule of law? You mean like on the border? Where he and he alone is doing everything in his power to enforce the law?

While the best Joe Biden and Michael Bennets Democratic Party can contribute is to send their most charismatic new member to the border where she immediately spun a new fantasy about illegal aliens being forced to drink toilet water.

What is it with these people and their obsession with the scatological? There is something seriously wrong with them.

Lets hope they get help before one of them wins the Democratic nomination.

Charles Hurt can be reached at; follow him on Twitter via @charleshurt.

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