SCHLICHTER: I Can't Care More About Blue Cities Than Their Own Voters Do

For too long they were able to posture without a price, but now that bill is coming due.
By Kurt Schlichter

What we’re seeing in the Democrat cities is a total breakdown of civilization. That’s not an exaggeration. You don't have a civilization when normal people can’t walk down the street without having to dodge junkies, piles of human waste, and knife-wielding maniacs. You have chaos.

But chaos is OK with the inhabitants of the Democrat big cities. I know that because they keep electing people who allow their cities to be chaotic. I’m supposed to be outraged and upset by this, but my caring bandwidth is limited. I can only care about so much, and what I cannot do is care more about the plight that the blue voters have placed themselves in than the blue voters who elected the Democrats who allow this to happen do.

Blue cities, this is your problem, not mine. I don’t live in one. I live near one, but not inside it. Instead, I live in a suburb around many rich liberals who absolutely will not tolerate such nonsense. Our schools never have 0% of the students testing as proficient, like in blue Baltimore. The moms would never allow that. Instead, they prepare our kids to go to Ivy League colleges. Our streets are safe to walk, and whenever a random loser sets foot in our little Shangri-La by the Beach, a bunch of very big cops come with the total support of the Chardonnay wine mommies with the “Hate Has No Home Here” signs in front of their multi-million dollar townhouses and descend upon them like the Valkyries.
You don’t hear complaints about cops hassling street people in my town. You don’t get complaints about police brutality. What you get is safe and clean streets.

Misery is for the poor, but the poor could outvote the Volvo voters if they wanted to. They choose not to. They choose to elect leftist Democrats with rich libs’ luxury beliefs, and their choice has consequences.

Understand me. I don’t think that people in blue cities should not have safe and clean streets. I think they should. But they don’t think they should.

And I know they don’t think they should because they refuse to elect people who will ensure they do. Don’t tell me that these problems are intractable and unsolvable because we watched Rudy Giuliani take New York City back from the Taxi Driver abyss when it was equally scummy and turn it into an urban paradise. I remember my first trip to New York City. It was fantastic. I didn’t worry about getting mugged. I didn’t worry about violent vagrants. I just enjoyed the nightlife and restaurants. But the people of New York City decided they wanted to go in a different direction. They wanted to go down, down into the depths of hell.

And now that they are down there, they seem sad. Well, I would be sad for them, but there are a lot of other things I have to be sad about, and their bad choices are at the end of that long list.

Of course, it was inevitable that murder and other social pathologies would not remain just a problem for the poor. The chaos is affecting the libs of pallor, so the libs of pallor who have not bolted to the suburbs are starting to get concerned. In the last week, a tech zillionaire was butchered by a violent criminal who should have been in prison but was let out because Maryland thinks it’s meant to lock up rapists.

Another guy, a big defund the police moron, got stabbed by the same kind of degenerate in New York while his commie girlfriend watched and then refused to give cops a description because she didn’t want to see the guy charged. When the cops did find the killer, the regime media decided to play along with the criminals-as-victim lie by blurring his face. This, of course, did not apply to the guy who restrained a different violent lunatic on an NYC subway and who is now charged with manslaughter because that lunatic expired.

The hero – again, who is being prosecuted for protecting people from one of these freaks – had his face put out there unblurred. This is what is known as “equity.”

I am also told on Twitter or X or whatever that I am not supposed to gloat over the misfortune of those who created their own misfortune, including this leftist creep’s death. I don’t recall gloating, but I do recall shrugging. Naturally, it took about five seconds to find the tweets where this jerk chortled over the passing of Rush Limbaugh. Basically, this guy was delighted at the thought of our deaths, but we’re not supposed to recognize that for some reason. Well, I do anyway. Once again, we are required to follow arbitrary rules that our enemies ignore – and yes, I consider somebody who would celebrate my death an enemy. I’m funny about that.

But I’m not gloating because I’m not going to waste a second of my time thinking about this guy because he didn’t waste a second of his time thinking about himself. His death directly results from the very same policies he actively pursued. I understand that consequences are racist and transphobic and part of the patriarchy, but they’re also a thing.

I will point out that he and others like him made the reality that killed him. If that makes people sad, I don’t care. And if they think that makes me a wrong person, go ahead and think that. I am entirely indifferent to the moral judgments of people who refuse to take the essential actions required to maintain a civilized society.
San Francisco is in danger of losing 50% of its police force. Seattle and the other blue cities are pretty much the same.

Turns out that if you defund the police, you get less of them – and more murderers and rapists.

They are also all sanctuary cities because being a sanctuary city was hip and cool until it started to cost something. Now, they are being overrun by Third World transients and the domestic variety, and it’s costing them a fortune. Good. I want them to feel the pain of their own stupidity instead of Texas feeling it for them.

For too long, they were able to posture without a price, but now that bill is coming due. And when they cry to us for help, we will shrug our collective shoulders and observe that we can’t and won’t help them until they decide to help themselves. 

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