Immigration Chief Says Trumps Hard Line on Border Takes Handcuffs Off Law Enforcement

His policy whether you like the president or not whether you like his policy or not you cant argue with the results of whats going on on the border right now. width=158Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON D.C. We have already made great progress on the border issue with this president" said Thomas Homan acting director of the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement Agency. If we keep sending the message Its OK to violate the laws of this country and… not be worried about enforcement then were never going to solve the border crisis" Homan said in a speech at The Heritage Foundation. Its never going to be solved as long as people think they get a free pass" said Homan. Homan said his personal experience working in law enforcement for almost 30 years has made him see the vitalness of adhering to the law.
I was at headquarters when I got a phone call to get on a plane and go immediately to Victoria Texas to lead the investigation of 19 dead aliens in the back of a tractor-trailer. I immediately got on a plane and went down there. The crime scene was kept width=214secure until I got there. I actually walked into the back of that tractor-trailer and was surrounded by 19 dead aliens.… They suffocated in the back of the tractor-trailer one a 5-year-old boy. That haunts me to this day because I had a 5-year-old boy at the time."
Homan became acting director of ICE on Jan. 30 2017 10 days after President Donald Trump took office. Enforcing laws already on the books helps significantly to fix the illegal immigration crisis the acting director said.

I get asked all the time Why do you arrest somebody that has been here for 10 years for 15 years in the USA and has kids?" said Homan.

Why? Because if we dont we continue to send the message that You are exempt from federal law.

If that is the message we want to send you are never going to solve the border crisis."

width=236Homan credited Trump with the success the agency has seen in confronting illegal immigration.

This president signed a series of executive orders a lot of papers said a lot of words but he could have done the executive orders in one sentence: ICE will now enforce the laws enacted by Congress and on the books" Homan said adding:

His policy whether you like the president or not whether you like his policy or not you cant argue with the results of whats going on on the border right now.

Why? Because we are enforcing the rule of law and we are communicating a strong message that nothing is off the table."

The New York Times reported on Oct. 12th that apprehensions of unlawful border-crossers declined by 40 from the same month last year. The Washington Times reported in May that illegal border crossings had declined by 76.
  • One of the the presidents executive orders on border security and immigration enforcement withheld certain funding from Sanctuary Cities those jurisdictions that do not comply with U.S. immigration law.
  • Trump also directed the hiring of 10000 additional immigration officers" and set in motion plans for a border wall.

Not enforcing the law is a waste of resources as well as a security risk the acting ICE director said.

This country spends billions of dollars a year on border security detention immigration courts attorneys appeals courts circuit courts and at the end a judge issues a final order immigration officials need to execute because if they are not there is absolutely no integrity to this entire system. width=244Might as well just open the border" said Homan.

But he said he is used to pushback. I have had long conversations where people say Why are you so heartless?" But illegal immigration is dangerous both for American citizens and the illegal immigrants themselves Homan said adding thats why he wants reform.
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