Impeachment & Socialism: Democrats Breathtaking Absolute Contempt for America & Its Voters

It was the crushing losses in the heartland that sank Hillary Clinton and Democrats response is… Impeachment & Socialism?

By Tim Donner


In the space of a mere 24 hours Democrats fully unmasked themselves and revealed a remarkably simple and equally frightening agenda to place before the American people in the 2020 Elections. You need only to have paid attention for the excruciating exhausting emotionally draining 24 hours of Wednesday November 20 2019 to understand all you need to know about todays Democratic Party.

A two-headed monster reared its head in a memorably horrific wake-up call for the country: First in the light of day and then after dark.

The Democrats breathtaking contempt for the unwashed masses their disdain for the will of every regular workaday American was on vivid 4K display as they proposed and proceeded to punish the deplorables who voted in unacceptable fashion.

  • First during the day Democrats proceeded in their attempt to remove the president America elected and
  • Second at night Democrats proposed during the presidential  debate to topple and transform the nation Americans voted to restore

After testimony by a rogues gallery of diplomatic and political witnesses the particular testimony of European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland was most breathlessly trumpeted by the full array of Democrat cheerleaders in the elite media as the latest grave threat to Trump.

Like the other witnesses produced by the majority it initially appeared to the naked eye that Sondlands qualified accusation of a quid pro quo made things look bleaker for the president. And yet his testimony and his credibility began to disintegrate as the day progressed along with Democrats chances of convincing even a single Republican to support impeachment.


Beyond even the fact of zero Republican support proof of the Democrats own realization that there is no chance Trump will be convicted and removed from office was Schiffs statement Wednesday. He headlined the same charge used in the fake failed Russia collusion hoax: Obstruction.

Schiff knows full well there was no crime in Trumps actions only political fodder for the voters to evaluate. So he is forced to make a claim obstruction of justice which has now replaced patriotism as the last refuge of scoundrels. Of course that charge came only after the Democrats convened focus groups to determine exactly which accusation might possibly increase the political resonance of the American people who have justifiably tuned out. So they dropped the term quid pro quo and went straight to bribery apparently concluding that even the term extortion is insufficiently sensational.

Nowhere in this process has anyone bothered to view this transaction by Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky through the lens of who Trump is and how he operates.

As a businessman extraordinaire he famously prides himself on the art of the deal. He negotiates everything tries to squeeze the last ounce of blood from across the table unwilling to settle for the safe victory that would satisfy most conventional politicians. He was willing to provide the anti-tank Javelin missles which President Obama was unwilling to supply but wanted Zelensky to do the right thing" as he told Sondland. As in all negotiations both sides give and take but Trump ultimately provided exactly what was promised even as his negotiating conditions were not met.

Hello this is how every bit of foreign aid has always been provided with conditions.

Does anyone believe the many beneficiaries of Americas largesse receive a blank check?

Trump is simply more bold and more demanding. He refuses to work off the State Department/Intelligence Community script and who can blame him?

width=197These are the same people who have collaborated to weaken even cripple his presidency from the jump.

And Trumps irregular channel" is based on his deep well-earned distrust of the permanent bureaucracy.

This impeachment theater has revealed that even Democrats agree that Ukraine has long been one of the most corrupt nations on Earth. And the government in place before Zelensky was overtly anti-Trump during 2016s presidential campaign dredging up dirt on Trumps campaign manager Paul Manafort and making inflammatory anti-Trump statements publicly.

How is it illegitimate to demand an investigation of not just historically widespread corruption in that nation but the obvious issue of the former vice presidents son getting millions of dollars and a board seat on the countrys largest energy concern for which he had no qualifications?

And when the prosecutor investigating that company was fired at the behest of Vice President Biden and theres no reason to investigate? Really?

Media attention has conveniently focused on Biden the 2020 candidate and ignored Biden as Obamas point man on Ukraine.

And oh by the way if Trump is a Russian agent a notion still embraced by Trump-deranged leftists why in heavens name would he be providing lethal aid to a nation attacked by Russia? Does anyone actually believe Ukraine is not better off now than under Obama?

In the category of stuff you couldnt make up the uniformed officer and native Ukrainian presented as another star witness for the Democrats Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman revealed that he had on more than one occasion been offered the position of Defense Minister for Ukraine. Seriously? Is this not particularly creepy a high ranking American military officer being recruited to head Ukrainian defenses? Vindman most perfectly betrayed the entitled mindset of the encrusted foreign policy establishment when he deemed Trumps investigation demand unacceptable." As if it were up to him to decide. Vindman and others are part and parcel of an unelected foreign policy and intelligence establishment filled with lifers who truly believe they not the elected President are the repositories of wisdom. They not the elected President are the ones who know best. And they not the elected President should be deciding what Americas foreign policy ought to be.


Finally when day unmercifully turned to night the show moved from Capitol Hill to Atlanta where Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders and the other Democrat candidates for president kicked off the socialist portion of the partys overall agenda with one after another of their now-famous plans.

Unfortunately the show then quickly descended into another all-too-predictable spectacle: Hatred of Trump Love of Government.

  • Young Pete Buttigieg latest frontrunner in the initial contest in Iowa asserted that impeachment the very definition of a political process should be beyond politics."
  • Kamala Harris in a death spiral for months now labeled the Trump administration a criminal enterprise and pledged to force employers to provide six months paid family leave.
  • Amy Klobuchar called for a Constitutional Amendment to overturn a Supreme Court case (Citizens United) Im confused too while
  • Bernie Sanders demanded the prosecution of energy company executives and upped the ante or did he lower it? by declaring that the lifespan of the earth as we know it 12 years according to AOC earlier this year has now months later been reduced to eight years (maybe nine).
  • Semi-frontrunner Biden looked burned out clueless running on empty inexplicably raising the issue of his centrality to the Ukraine imbroglio as if that somehow advantages him and then resorting to empty talk about his electability and embarrassingly affected bravado.
  • Tulsi Gabbard was gratuitously attacked by Harris for daring to oppose our involvement in Syria and foreign involvements generally cementing the Democrats newfound and inexplicable posture as the party of war.
  • The remaining candidates like entrepreneur Andrew Yang and billionaire Tom Steyer left not a single footprint in the sand.

In a day designed to stir the blood of the partys rabid-dog base the Democrats managed to scare off the very voters they will need to win back the White House. And they seem not to even realize it.

Indeed it was the crushing losses in the heartland that sank Hillary Clinton in 2016 and the Democrats response is … Impeachment and Socialism.

Do they actually believe reversing the outcome of a presidential election and tearing down the foundations of a free market economy will appeal to the disaffected millions who abandoned them the last time around? The voters will surely ask themselves what the Democrats have accomplished with the majority granted them in the House of Representatives.

They campaigned on a legislative agenda which included working with the president on the pressing issues of prescription drug prices infrastructure and even health care. But other than a long-forgotten bill to tweak the criminal justice system they have fulfilled none of their promises.

Meanwhile the president has delivered on the most significant of all his promises a robust economy with millions of new jobs record low unemployment and peace.

Yes peace and prosperity are no longer promises but facts.


Which record do you think the voters will prefer?

Tim Donner is Washington Political Columnist at A radio talk show host and broadcast journalist he is Founder & President of One Generation Away Liberty Nations parent organization.

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