Its Time for California Parents to Defy the Law

By Michael Brown

As followers of Jesus we are called to submit to the laws of the land and to honor those in authority. The New Testament is very clear on this (see especially Romans 13:1-7). It is also very clear that there are exceptions to this rule namely when the authorities require us to disobey the Lord (see Acts 5:40-42). In that case with respect we say We must obey God rather than man" (see Acts 4:18-20; 5:29; to be perfectly clear Im speaking of non-violent resistance to the law.)

That time has come for parents in California. 

In good conscience they must say NO to the school authorities and YES to the Lord. Its time to declare to the schools of California Quit using our children as pawns in the culture wars! Quit sexualizing our kids!"

Im speaking about the radical new sex-ed curriculum being imposed on all students in the public schools K-12 without exception and without the option of parents removing their children from objectionable classes.

Were talking about kindergarteners little children just 5-6 years-old being indoctrinated with transgender talking points. Indeed as CBN News reports a book for kindergarten through third grade . . . teaches kids that they can be a boy girl neither gender queer or gender fluid and that adults might not understand their gender identity."

Parents say NO to your impressionable little ones being exposed to trash like this. How dare the school bring such confusion to your precious children.

Were talking about introducing boys as young as 9 to slang words for sexual organs. Yes A book for fourth fifth and sixth-grade boysdiscusses slang words for genitals and explains masturbation and sexual fantasies" the report continues. 

Parents say NO to turning your little pre-pubescent boys into sex-savvy worldy-wise street-talkers.

Were talking about promoting outright perversion to your high-school kids. To be specific A book for high school students introduces sex acts for all sexual orientations and introduces the concepts of bondage body fluid blood play fisting and other sexual behaviors once considered to be acts of debauchery" the CBN report states. 

Parents you must say that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. (To get the full impact of this curriculum watch this short video. For a written summary see here. To work together and stay informed go here.)

Many California parents have been speaking out for months but the educators and legislators have largely turned a deaf ear leading some parents to pull their kids out of classes already.

Now across California millions of other parents need to join together to say to the Nanny State: No. You will not corrupt our children. You will not brainwash our little ones. You do not have the moral or spiritual authority to indoctrinate them. And if you refuse to listen to us we will pull our kids out of your schools until you honor our demands."

Really now who appointed the school system to be the moral conscience of your family? Who appointed teachers to enter your homes on behalf of LGBT activists and sexual anarchists? How can you tolerate an invasion like this?

We send our kids to school to learn English and Math and History and Science not to be instructed in the intricacies of anal sex. Enough is enough!

Earlier this year hundreds of Muslim parents pulled their kids out of one school in Birmingham England to protest the gay activist curriculum. As a result the school pulled the curriculum. Theres a lesson here for us.

Im fully aware that not every parent is able to do this. Some work jobs while their kids are in school and others cannot remove their children without creating further problems for their family. Wherever possible Christian families should work together to help others stand for what is right.

But one way or another I urge every Christian parent in California to refuse to allow your children to be polluted by an immoral educational system whatever it takes. (Again I am speaking here only of peaceful means not violent means God forbid.)

And I urge every pastor and spiritual leader in California: Its time to speak up and to speak out. Its time to equip your people. Its time to take a stand.

And wherever else this is happening in America its time for parents to wake up and do the right thing.  (Yes and for pastors and leaders to do so as well.)

Above all its time for parents and leaders to pour truth and love and biblical ethics into these impressionable kids. If we dont do it be assured that the world (and their peers) will.

Heres how Jesus feels about things like this: whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea" (Matthew 18:6).

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