HUNTER: Joe Biden Hates You – Americans & Voters Should Return the Favor

And what authorizes him to let in more illegal aliens? Nothing – He’s breaking the law by ignoring it.
By Derek Hunter

There’s always been an internal debate when thinking about President Joe Biden – you have to wonder whether he does or says something because he’s a liar or because he’s genuinely stupid. This extends back to when he was a Senator, too. Now you have to add a third option: senile.

There’s no real way to know, but it’s probably safest to bet it’s a combination of all of them. 
Still, every once in a while, Biden will say something – confess it, really – that someone not suffering from dementia might think better of. As is always the case with him, it might also be from arrogance – he has not really been called out on any of his lies or corruption for decades, so what’s a little more?

What am I talking about? This week, I’m talking about the President’s remarks at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus gala. 

Democrats love identity politics; it allows them to embrace their segregation roots and instincts – Democrats have changed their tactics, never their objectives – so it makes sense they’d have government groups based on race and ideology, the intersection of which is where they live.

When you pander to racists, you have to pander to them on race, and Joe did just that. 

Biden told the group, “…until Congress acts, I’m going to keep using every tool at my disposal as president of the United States to preserve and protect DACA, keep fighting for DREAMers, and build a safe, orderly, humane immigration system. I mean it.” 

You’d think a guy who spent a lot of time in the Senate blocking legislation Republicans wanted would understand that Congress not acting IS Congress making a choice, but he’s too dense to recognize it. People with totalitarian instincts aren’t great thinkers; they’re like children demanding what they want with no concern over how to get it. 
But beyond his ignorance, Biden went on to confess to opening the border even more.
“First, we’ve put policies in place that process people fairly and quickly.

"Second, we’re significantly expanding legal pathways for entry so businesses can get the workers they need; families don’t have to wait for a decade to be together,” he said. 

What authorizes him to “significantly expand” anyway to let in more illegal aliens? Nothing. He’s breaking the law by ignoring it or rewriting it.

And he’s doing it “so businesses can get the workers they need, families don’t have to wait for a decade to be together.” 

To all Americans with only a high school diploma (or less), the President is flooding the country with people who will make it impossible for you to get a raise or a new job with a living wage. What else do you think happens when millions of more people compete for jobs? You can’t command higher wages when there are 15 non-English speakers willing to do it for half price. 

As for the concern about families being reunited, let me say this: I don’t give a damn. If you want to be with your family, don’t leave them to enter this country illegally. If you miss them, go back to them. Problem solved. 

Biden went on, “I’ve also directed my team to make a historic increase in the number of refugees admitted from Latin America. People fleeing violence and persecution who simply want their kids to have a better life.  Next week, my team will consult with Congress on this plan.”

What constitutes violence and persecution? There aren’t any wars in South America. In the 1980s, when communists were literally controlling death squads, killing people for opposing the “revolution,” Democrats were not as open to “refugees” as they are now. Now they want to create them – economic refugees – people who simply “want their kids to have a better life.” That is not legal grounds for admittance legally into the country, let alone illegally. Yet the people breaking in illegally are being rewarded by President LLC.

“Third, we’re supporting states and cities that have seen a surge in immigrants,” Biden continued. “We’ve developed federal experts and deployed them to help train city workers.  We’ve launched outreach campaigns helping over a million eligible migrants apply for work permits. And we’re accelerating a process for work permit applications.”
Millions of people who can’t speak English, who are illiterate in their own language, are getting the red carpet rolled out for them with your tax dollars by this President. He has no authorization to do so.

When did you last see Democrats roll out a government like this for Americans? Never? They just force Americans into failed school systems more interested in teaching made-up genders than reading or math, a zombie class made numb and stuck on “social welfare” programs to keep people in their place.

They kill upward mobility, then claim capitalism doesn’t work. 

By the way, weren’t these people telling us just a few years ago that immigrants, especially illegal aliens, were THE driving force behind our economy? They claimed illegals commit fewer crimes than us scummy Americans, work harder, and pay more in taxes than they take in benefits – unlike us lazy citizens. 

If that’s true, why do these sanctuary areas complain about too many illegals? Wouldn’t that be like complaining about too much economic growth and tax revenue? 

The truth is, it’s all a lie. Illegals are a resource suck – Illegal alien kids suck money like a Dyson out of schools and slow down the progress of American kids because teachers need to take exponentially longer to try to explain to them what’s happening. If you can’t communicate, you can’t contribute, and the people Democrats are playing a treasonous game of Red Rover with tens of millions of people who can’t communicate, and they’re doing it by violating the laws of the United States. 

If that isn’t impeachable, what is? 

From all of this, it is clear that if you are an American, and an American without a college degree who is struggling to get by – who can’t afford $100 per trip to the grocery store thanks to the President’s inflation – Joe Biden hates you. “Bidenomics” isn’t designed to make your life better; it makes you suffer and look to the government for help. It makes you dependent. You once used to be able to better your life by getting a new job for more pay, not anymore. Biden is killing that. 

Yes, Joe Biden hates you. Next November must be time for voters to return the favor, provided we can make it that long.

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!) and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.