L.A. Times has Begun Democrats’ 'Dump-Kamala' Effort: It’s Starting to Get Serious


As 2024 approaches, and victory seems certain over the man they Hate & Fear the most – Democrats face an insoluble dilemma
By Robert Spencer

The people in charge know that Old Joe Biden is only going to get more embarrassing. They also know Kamala Harris is even worse. So now, with 2024 coming fast and leftists rubbing their hands with glee at the possibility that they could be facing a candidate who is campaigning from a prison cell, the search for a viable Kamala replacement has taken on new urgency. The Los Angeles Times on Monday became the first major cog in the left’s propaganda machine to come out for dumping Harris and replacing her with a more viable candidate.

It won’t be the last.

The Times’ George Skelton knows that the left – unlike the right – never turns on its own, and that a public acknowledgement of Harris’ manifest incompetence would be damaging not just for her, but for Old Joe himself. After all, the putative commander-in-chief has repeatedly praised her and declared as recently as May that she “hasn’t gotten the credit she deserves.”

Skelton outlines the unpleasant situation the Democrats are facing:

“Harris would need to be pushed – dumped, as two great presidents have done. Franklin D. Roosevelt dropped Henry Wallace in 1944 and replaced him, fortunately, with Harry Truman. Abraham Lincoln cast aside Hannibal Hamlin in 1864.”

Well, if two great presidents have done it, a lousy president could do it. However, Skelton notes that this would involve Biden admitting “that he erred in choosing Harris in the first place,” and the repulsive kleptocrat in the White House – in his entire long career of grift and lies – has never been known to admit a mistake.

Even if the rapidly aging corruptocrat in the Oval Office departs for good to his taxpayer-funded walled Delaware beach house, the repudiation of his heir apparent would cast a shadow on the good judgment of our self-appointed moral superiors – the guardians of acceptable opinion. And we can’t have that.

So Harris must be moved out of the way in a manner that somehow looks like a promotion or, at the very least not like a demotion.

Skelton has an idea.

Skelton writes that Biden “has a problem. So does Vice President Kamala Harris. Sen. Dianne Feinstein is a problem. There’s a solution for all of this.” Then, with unusual forthrightness for a leftist propagandist, Skelton proceeds to throw Harris decisively under the bus:

“Biden’s problem is Harris. She’s a burden — a drag on his reelection prospects.”

That’s true, but Skelton doesn’t mention the other obvious fact: Biden’s problem is Biden. His corruption, his mendacity, his dementia, and his personal nastiness are becoming increasingly difficult even for the establishment media to ignore.

But first things first, and Skelton apparently believes that the first thing that must be done is get Kamala Harris out of the way.

His plan for doing this involves Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California SSR), who is 90 years old and manages to make Old Joe look as if he’s sharp as a tack. Feinstein, Skelton writes, “is a problem for California because she’s no longer capable of fully representing the nation’s most populous state – a world-class economic power – in the Senate.”

And thus the solution to the Democrats’ problems presents itself:

“Feinstein could resign from the Senate, and Gov. Gavin Newsom could appoint Harris to replace her. Biden then could find a more popular running mate, one more acceptable to voters as a potential successor.”

That successor could be, say, Newsom himself – although the left’s fondness for him as a possible future presidential candidate pays insufficient attention to the fact that he has presided over an unprecedented flight of patriots and other sane people from the Golden State.

No sooner does Skelton raise the possibility of Harris replacing DiFi and clearing the way for the Democrats’ dream candidate (well, the Dems’ real dream candidate would be a gay trans Marxist person of color, but if they can’t find one of those then a more ordinary Marxist will have to do,) than he dismisses it:

“A great idea, but it’ll never happen – because it would take all of the president’s persuasive and coercive powers to pull off. And he doesn’t seem the type likely to do that.”

Indeed, not only has Feinstein said that she is going to remain in the Senate until her term ends, but Harris is unlikely to give up being a heartbeat away from pretending to be president for another Senate gig.

What’s more, it’s essentially out of the question that Old Joe could persuade either of them to take this course – the man can barely formulate a coherent sentence, much less charm two egomaniacs into being humble.

And so as 2024 approaches, and victory seems certain over the man they fear and hate the most – and have accordingly saddled with dozens of bogus felony charges – the Dems face what looks to be an insoluble dilemma.

It could only take someone of immense stature to cut this Gordian knot.

Is Michelle Obama standing by with scissors?

Robert Spencer a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. The author of 26 books, he serves as the director of Jihad Watch. Follow him on Twitter here, and like him on Facebook here.