Latinx Americans Are Ditching Dems, In Part Because of This Latinx Thing

By Kurt Schlichter

It’s an absolute delight to watch the Democrats go all-in on Hispanic voters and then, in the way one might expect from pasty ruling caste goofs, unwittingly do everything in their power to make Hispanic voters despise them. And the results are undeniable – Latinx voters not only hate being called “Latinx” but hate pretty much everything else that the Dems are doing. The faculty lounge set that sets the party’s agenda is utterly oblivious. They don’t know any Hispanics – except maybe ones they hire to work around the mansion – and the Dems have certainly never thought to ask Hispanic Americans what they want. Instead, the condescending commies told their Hispanic constituents what the left wanted Hispanics to want.

Spending that created inflation.

Soft on crime.

Open borders – nope, Hispanic Americans are having none of that.

Oh, and the whole freakshow agenda – trans this and nonbinary that, 672 genders and handmaids crashing Mass to scream that they aren’t allowed to kill babies.

Needless to say, Hispanics want none of the above.

You have to wonder if these pinkish pinkos have ever actually met a Hispanic, but then you remember that our left thinks it knows everything already. Maybe they think that taking a Chicano Studies class from some ridiculous campus revolutionary in a beret or wearing their Che t-shirt gave them all the info they needed to get down with the struggle. Well, now that arrogance is biting the Dems on their collective culo.

You can read the polls and see the trends. In 2012, Obama went 71% to Romney’s anemic 27% among Hispanic voters. Sure, Romney is a dog-tormenting sack of human Miracle Whip, yet wow – that sucked. But today, our doddering dust puppet of a president is scoring just 26% approval with Hispanics; there are more popular foot fungi. In a recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, Latinos prefer Republicans in the mid-terms 52 to 39 percent. That’s a thermonuclear bomb detonating under the Dems’ hopes and dreams. 

Inflation under Biden is crushing the Dems with Hispanics. They will tell you if you listen: 

Julian Verdugo was still dressed in his dusty oilfield work clothes when he took over behind the counter in the small Mexican sweets shop his family owns in Commerce City, a heavily Latino area near Platteville.

As the 24-year-old helped a customer decide what treats she should stock up on for a party, he explained why he was considering casting his ballot for Republicans, breaking with family tradition.

"I was raised as a Democrat. But then I started working in the oil and gas industry, and I realized the Democrats are really against it," he said. "Now, with the inflation of fuel, we've had to raise prices in this candy shop three times in the last three months because our products are shipped from Mexico."

We want a party that Americans like Julian want to be a part of, and Julian is begging us Republicans to go ask for his vote. Let’s do it! While the majority of Hispanic Texas border districts are about to turn from deep blue to bright red, Hispanics are a decisive element in many other battleground districts. And the Dems are doing nothing but making it worse for themselves. Just watch the faces of the mostly Hispanic parishioners as the gringo handmaidens raided their church service screaming in favor of infanticide.

That the Democrats alienate hard-working, family-oriented, patriotic normals is nothing new. It’s just hilarious that they insist on doing it to the very people they were counting on to achieve dominance through demographic destiny. For decades, we were told that Hispanics, who used to vote pretty reliably Democrat, were soon going to outnumber those terrible white conservatives and then the Dems would never lose another election again. After all, the Dems have monopolized the black vote for decades. Why not Hispanics? Except Hispanic Americans committed an unspeakable crime in the eyes of the affluent Chardonnay-swillers who now control what was once the party of the working man.
They thought for themselves. And one of the things they were thinking is that they were not defined by being Hispanic, and certainly not by being “Latinx.”

See, the snobs of the left just assumed that Hispanics would obediently adopt an ethnic identity and vote and think on that basis forever. But what Hispanics did was what every other assimilated immigrant group has done. They became Americans first, ethnicity second. That their family came from El Salvador or Venezuela or Cuba or Mexico was a fun and interesting fact, but for those who had been here and seen their hard work pay off, it was secondary. Instead of being perpetual others, living the outside of mainstream society and therefore useful to the Dems, they became just another bunch of regular Americans, concerned about filling up their tanks, not getting robbed, and not having some perverted groomer school teacher send Miguel home to inform his madre and padre that he was now Isabella.

The idea of sons getting snipped to avoid awkward lumpiness when they wear miniskirts is simply not going to play in Hispanic culture. In fact, Hispanic culture – like all of normal American culture – is at odds with the cultural weirdness of the Democrat Party. This is a culture that respects hard work. Democrats don’t. It respects families. Democrats don’t. It respects service, which is why you see large numbers of Hispanic Americans stepping up to serve in the police, the Border Patrol, and our military. The Democrats not only don’t respect that but despise those who serve. 
And the Democrats think Chipotle is authentic Mexican food.

No, the Democrats never cared about what Hispanic Americans aspired to. They had their own plans, plans that did not involve success but rather counted on failure – if the Hispanics could be turned into perpetual wards of the state, they would be perpetual serfs voting as their patrons commanded forever. Hispanic America messed that up by earning their success, and with that success came the realization that it is the Republicans who share their values. And that’s why the GOP is getting their votes. 

Instead of listening, the Democrats are still telling. Exhibit A is this Latinx nonsense. What the hell is that anyway? A bunch of girls from suburban Connecticut rebelling against their daddies got together in some Oberlin seminar and decided that they would bestow upon Hispanics a new non-gendered name? Of course, no one asked the Hispanics what they thought of this, because in the left’s bizarre psychodrama what the Hispanics think and want is utterly immaterial. But it’s not immaterial to Hispanics. They’ve seen the modern Democrat Party, and they have decided these people are loco.
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