Local Austinites Launch Nonpartisan Fight for Austin PAC to Support Candidates who Prioritize Public Safety

Launches Fundraising Campaign with Goal of $300,000 for Nov. Elections

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – Today six Austinites of diverse backgrounds have launched a new political action committee (PAC) which will support candidates for local office who prioritize public safety and oppose those who do not.

The Fight for Austin PAC has six founding board members:
  • Cleo Petricek - Local Democratic activist, founder, S.A.F.E. Project
  • Michael Girard – Downtown Austin property owner & owner of Speakeasy
  • Ellen Troxclair - Realtor and former Austin City Council member
  • Chris Ragland - Moderate Democrat, community activist, 6th generation Austinite.
  • Larry D. Maddalena, D.C. - Independent, VP, Joint Corp National Franchise Advisory Board, owner of nine businesses in the greater Austin area
  • Matt Mackowiak - Consultant and local Republican leader
Half of the city council is up for reelection this November, with four incumbents on the ballot and one open seat.

Fight for Austin will evaluate candidates on their record and positions related to public safety issues, especially the homeless campaign ordinance and the $150 million police budget cut. Candidate questionnaires will be sent out and reviewed before endorsement decisions will be made.

Fight for Austin will educate voters on public safety issues and support/oppose local candidates.

They have set an initial budget goal of $300,000.

“I am pleased to be directly involved in this new PAC because it is time Austinites reward candidates who work to protect our communities,” said Cleo Petricek. “The homeless camping ordinance has been terrible for the city and for our homeless. While we do not believe the police budget is untouchable, a $150 million budget cut is unwise. Targeted cuts could make sense and we need independent investigations of police misconduct. We will support candidates who align with our values.”
“As a local Austinite for the last 37 years and a downtown property and business owner I have had a front row seat to the failed policies that have turned Austin from our shining city on the hill into something that we hardly recognize,” said Michael Girard. “Safety is a fundamental duty of our government. You will be hard pressed to find someone who will consider Austin safer today than it was several years ago. Considering what we have spent on the homeless issue alone, we should be further along with our progress in helping the homeless transition from the streets into a safe situation. Turning Austin into an unregulated campground for the homeless is not the solution. Results matter and I look forward to working with the bi-partisan board members of this PAC in supporting candidates that can invoke result-oriented solutions to Austin's current woes.”

“Instead of making thoughtful, effective reforms, our City Council has played politics with the safety of our city and fanned the flames of divisiveness,” said Ellen Troxclair. “Austinites on all sides of political stripes are tired of their single-minded approach to homelessness and police issues that are making Austin more and more like San Francisco every day - unaffordable and unsafe."

“When it comes to public health and safety, our city leaders have failed us,” said Chris Ragland. “Our Police Department must be held accountable. And while there are areas of the budget that deserve additional scrutiny, cutting a third of it as a punitive measure was irresponsible at best. We cannot abandon those who are experiencing homelessness and allow them to build unsafe and unsanitary shelters on their own. That is not a practical solution, it is a political one. We need accountable leadership and result-oriented programs immediately.”
“I am excited to join fight for Austin, and their mission to improve our great city,” said Larry Maddalena. “We need our council members to represent constituents, not special interests. We want to reverse the camping ban and determine a better solution for our homeless population. In a city growing as quickly as Austin, we must support law enforcement and be proactive in making sure Austin residents have proper police, fire and rescue available to them. Together, we can fight for Austin and make a difference in our cherished community.”

“Incumbent council members have made our city less safe,”
said Matt Mackowiak. “Our Fight for Austin PAC will give Austinites an opportunity to support candidates who will make our city safer. It is time Austin fights back against City Hall. It is time we throw the bums out.”

To learn more, please visit http://www.FightForAustin.com.

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