Lt. Gov. Patrick: Its not just 11 million people here illegally its over 30 million theres been a report now put out by MIT backing up those numbers.

AUSTIN Texas (Texas Insider Report) We will have more people enter our country illegally in the next year than are born here Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick told Lou Dobbs on the Fox Business Network recently.

Were on pace to apprehend a million people crossing into this country illegally this year and any Law Enforcement person you talk to the Border Patrol Local Sheriffs our State Police theyll tell you that we catch only one illegal border-crosser out of every four or five.

That means if we catch one million 4 million others have crossed the border illegally. Thats more people than will be born in this country.

And its not just 11 million people that are here illegally its over 30 million theres been a report now put out by MIT backing up those numbers. That means were near 10 of our population thats going to be here illegally" said Patrick.

If you came down here to the southern border even 15 years ago a lot of people crossed the border on their own they were coming looking for work and on the ranches along the border people would leave water out for them maybe a little food and there were no issues" said Patrick.

But today those people whore just trying to come here to look for work and they shouldnt come here illegally we want them to come legally if they cross the border and they get caught by the drug cartels they will pay a severe price maybe a beating maybe worse. And thats because the drug cartels are controlling who comes across the border.

What the Border Patrol knows is that the drug cartels are sending all these people into border crossings and other areas where we have Border Patrol and then right up the middle like it were a football game is where they send their drugs and all their coyotes to smuggle their own people into the country right up the middle.

And its not just Central America or Mexico its also China its the Middle East its Brazil its Venezuela and the presidents doing everything thats within his power but Congress and the courts are stopping him" Patrick said.

Were making progress on the wall were building more fence but Congress and the judges need to get out of the way so the President of the United States can defend this country" Patrick said.

But heres the problem: The Democrats are deniers when they say its not a crisis and theyre deceivers because theyre smart enough to know whats happening but theyre lying to the American people.

The Congressional Democrats from Texas know whats happening because they go down to the same border I do. Theyve seen whats happening.

It is a crisis at a level Ive never seen before" Patrick said.

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